14 April 2014

Word for the Week

Today's Word for the Week from Mary's Rediscovery Cards is a cracker - a truly favourite word!

From being a young girl, I have longed to be wise - never rich, never a beautiful princess. In childhood's fairy tales, I was always more interested in the wise, old person who could help our hero on his quest.

Two weeks today, I shall turn 50. It feels a landmark - not least given my health issues! But also a life-journey landmark - the beginning of crone-dom, the beginning of a deep, inner wisdom.

And the background colour - the same turquoise of the Understanding card, the colour of the throat chakra.

But one of my all-time favourite quotes is from Jimi Hendrix

Image copyright Jessica Rose at vol25

And my hope is, in seeking Wisdom, I will listen more and speak less...


  1. I had not hear that quote before. Many people could benefit from it, I include myself.

  2. Ohhh how I love that quote! It's something we should aspire to live by, I think! I certainly should - I must try harder to remember it. Thank you, I really like this.

    In a month I shall turn 45 and I too feel there is more wisdom in me than in my younger days, and it's something I value a lot.


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