11 April 2014

Focus on Life Week 15: A moment of focus

April's topic is Moments, and this week is 'Allowing yourself to focus on one moment, one subject...'

And mine had to be my beloved magnolia! It took a battering from the wind and rain last weekend, but after I managed to capture these...

I think this bloom looks like a lotus in this shot, which I lightened a little...

And this is my favourite - I just held the camera over the upright bloom and snapped! I have not edited this one at all - it was just perfect as it was, and it smelled divine :-)

These blooms don't exit anymore... casualties of the wind and rain :(

But here's a pic of the happy couple from last Saturday. I've known Tina since Brownies (over 40 years ago!), and she always said she's never marry... Paul is a very lucky chap - and I think knows it :-D

And the storms held off till after the wedding - the rain hit as we journeyed home...

And before I forget, here's this week's Giveaway. You'll find more pics and info here where you can leave a comment to be n tomorrow's random draw at 11 am


  1. Your Magnolia looks glorious, the little insect inside the bloom looks so fragile.
    My Camellia is the best it has ever been, must be the mild Winter and all that rain ;0)

  2. Your magnolia is beautiful! That is something I'd love to add to my gardens and am going to look around for one after Easter. I don't do lent but this year felt compelled to give up something and what I gave up was buying any plants. With spring being here and plants galore for sale and hearing about a new nursery (to me) it's been quite the experience. But, it has helped me appreciate all the beauty I already have surrounding me here in my gardens and to thank God for all His blessings.

    Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love the Magnolia blooms. Too bad they are gone. Great photos!

  4. I love the way the magnolia blossoms picked up the light! Beautiful shots! Our magnolias in this area will not be out for a while yet, and are the less fragile hardy type!

  5. The magnolia pictures are exquisite. The light was perfect. The first one you took does look like a lotus. I love the magnolias and didn't get to enjoy them enough before the rain and wind got them here in WA.

  6. Your photos of the magnolia are beautiful. It sounds like a your friend's wedding was special. So glad the weather cooperated.

  7. Beautiful shots! I can almost smell the fragrant scent!

  8. Magnolias don't grow here but my husband and I stayed in a motel a couple of years ago that had a blooming magnolia just outside our window. Your excellent photos brought back the memory of it's glorious fragrance for me. Thank you. I am glad to hear that the wedding went well.

  9. That is one magnificent magnolia. I love them. My in-laws used to have a gorgeous tree right beside their back porch and I have such fond memories of spending summer evenings on that porch in the company of that magnolia. Love how you captured the little butterfly/insect? And how amazing to have good friends for as long as you have known Tina. I have a few girlfriends like that too.

  10. How wonderful for your friend to have have found her "someone."


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