11 April 2014

Fifth Friday of Lent

Honore Daumier, Ecce Homo (c. 1850)


  1. Fabulous painting for Lent, Claire. I've only just discovered Daumier after the retrospective on his work at the RA. I love how he was so sparse with this paint strokes, and managed to convey so much with so little. Less was definitely more with him. Have a lovely weekend, Bonny

  2. Such a heavy painting! Jesus' time is drawing near. May we never forget and always rejoice in what He did for us.


  3. Hahaha… I am such a slow-brained person! For weeks I have been wondering how you managed to find all these wonderful paintings, somehow relating to Lent. And only today I found out they are in the book 'God for us'…

    I love Daumier.


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