3 April 2014

Fourth Thursday of Lent

Beauty, beauty everywhere...

The magnolia in our garden gives me so much joy...

and the blooms smell divine...

wish there were smelli-vision over the internet, so you could enjoy it too! 
Can you imagine cupping this bloom in your hand and taking a big sniff??

Each Spring I marvel at its exotic beauty...

and give thanks for its brief, exuberant display!!


  1. Beautiful magnolia, here in Canada is still to cold for them. But I can imagine the smell from here. thanks,

  2. I'm glad to see, that you are back...
    Beautiful pictures, I like magnolias. My pink magnolia begins to bloom straight, only the white has this year not a single bud, I do not know why.
    Have a nice and sunny day

  3. Your Magnolia truly is divine, so beautiful... Isn't it a most wonderful tree?
    I enjoyed seeing your photos and artwork, love the art journal pages.
    Thank you for your sweet visit and comment on my blog, nice to meet you!
    Wishing you a happy Sunday


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