7 April 2014

Word for the Week

After a very busy, but very fun weekend, I'm ready for the week to start as calm and 'normally' as possible... so here's this week's Word from Mary's Rediscovery Cards

Such a lovely, positive word with so many meanings! 

My first thought is to the wedding we attended on Saturday - a very lovely service, in which we, as Tina and Paul's friends and family declared in church to support them in their new adventure...

Tina and I have known each other since Brownies (over 40 years!!), and she always said she would never marry - well, on Saturday she did, and Paul is one lucky chap and obviously very special to her!

It was a lovely service with lots of singing and clapping, and a delicious afternoon tea afterwards. Here's the wedding cake made by Tina's mum and decorated by Paul's.

And the weather was supportive too - the forecast rain held off till we were on our way home...

Support is something we all need to give and receive from those in our lives. It is the life-blood of any community - whether that be in a marriage, a family, the workplace, or online. To be there to hold and help, in hard times and in good, is vital to our well-being.

I'd love to know what you think of whenever you see this word...


  1. Beautiful… what a lovely story, and cake, and wedding couple...

  2. A very pretty lady and such a lovely couple. I wish them many years of happiness and mutual support.

  3. Just catching up with your blog this week. Lovely story about the wedding and your friends. A perfect example of support. To me this means friends and family above all. There is also the wider community such as here on your blog and in other places I visit - where people who have often never met or spoken offer support to each other - sometimes by commenting, at others just by reading. This sometimes scary place - the Internet - can also be such a place of love and friendship - and support.


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