20 April 2014

LAST Giveaway (winner drawn 27 April at 11 am GMT) and Giveaway 10 winner

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!

OK, it's going to be a BUMPER-giveaway this week - as I missed a couple of weeks being poorly, so I've combined the gifties from those weeks with this week's.

The LAST Giveaway in this Celebration Sundays series to celebrate my Big 5-0 birthday on 28 April - the day after drawing the last giveaway winner.

But before I show all the goodies on offer, let's announce last week's winner

Giveaway 10 winner

This week there were 12 entries, and using the random number generator the winner is comment number 11
Congratulations, BJ!!!

If you can email me your address using the Contact Form, I'll get the journal in the post this week :)

Now, here's the booty on offer for this LAST week of Giveaways...

It's quite hard to describe all the loveliness, but I will do my best! Starting with the top left

click on photo to enlarge

This is the necklace (in the butterfly giftbox) made by Amanda Davie (whose photo this is above). I adore her mixed-media jewellery and own several pieces, but this is too short for me now (about 18" long), and it so deserves to be worn! Here's a close-up of the wee ceramic bird with a copper 'Imagine' charm.

To was to be a STAR Giveaway on the last day of Celebration Sunday (which it is!) as it is soooo lovely!

Next to it is a fabric wallet holding a handmade, stab-bound book (out of shot), a bookmark, a pencil and a Reading List. Sadly I can't remember who made it, but it's from an Etsy shop...

Next is a lovely zipper pouch/make-up bag (8 x 6in approx.) made by Rhonda  with a gorgeous contrasting lining

Underneath the pouch in the photo are two books - one is a pocket-size note book, the other is a beautiful signed, handmade book of nature paintings and poems by Tracie Lyn at The Red Door Studio, and a very sweet ceramic turtle book thong.

And last, but not least, as you can just see peeking in the corner of the above pic is this copper bangle with its own cute leather popper pouch. Written on the bangle are the words 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain'. It's a favourite quote, but a can longer wear bangles, so...

And there you have it - quite a stash, don't you think??

As always, I'm happy to post it anywhere, so please don't be shy. And previous winners are more than welcome to enter to win again - you can even tell your friends - you don't have to be a follower, or a regular visitor!Let's make this LAST Giveaway the biggest and the best :) 

Just leave a comment below and I'll put your name (or a friend's) into the random drawing on Sunday 27 April (the day before my birthday!!!) at 11 am.


  1. Thank you for the lovely give away! Happy 50!

  2. Goodness! What a bumper Giveaway! How lovely & generous you are.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday

  3. WOW thanks Claire, just sent you an-email reply with my details, I'm thrilled. BJ does happy dance.

  4. What a fantastic giveaway Claire - Thanks
    Congratulations to BJ !!

  5. What a fantastic give-away. Such a nice thing to do on your own birthday celebration, your 50th even.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. What a very nice thing to do, will definitely be following your blog! Happy Easter and Birthday!

  7. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Nice giveaway! Happy 50th Birthday!

  8. OMG...what a gloriously generous giveaway! May you have the most fabulous birthday...a half century is not to be sneezed at.

  9. Free yoursoul and be kind expect nothing and appreciate everything. Lisa

  10. Hi Claire, I would not enter again, since I've already won the gorgeous necklace, but looking at all these beauties I can not resist. Let's see if I have double luck.

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  11. Terry1:42 am

    Oh my goodness! What a grand giveaway! Happy Birthday! And must say since I am 69, 50 is still quite young you know! May it be a splendid year for you!

  12. Hi Claire - not sure I am supposed to enter this as I have written two comments and they have both disappeared :-( Fingers crossed this one will be OK! Lovely giveaway.xx

  13. Congratulations BJ, what a lovely book.
    Claire, thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway, I would have loved to win any of the individual items, let alone the whole lot.
    Hope you have a fab Birthday.
    Big Birthday Hugs

  14. What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday! Congratulations and happy birthday! I would love to be enterred if that is OK. I look forward to reading your blog in the near future x

  15. Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    I'd love to be entered in your drawing!
    Aly x

  16. Congratulations on the big 5-0! I found that one this year too, and it's just a number. I have so enjoyed the pictures you have put up during the Lenten season. Your giveaway has many beautiful things in it, but the saying on the bangle is a favorite of mine. We've had to embrace this saying in our family and the dancing is wonderful. Happy Birthday to you.

  17. Dear Claire,

    This giveaway is too beautiful to resist! I would be so happy to honour and celebrate your birthday by joining in the draw for this one! I wish you the happiest of all birthdays on this Big Day!

  18. I'm also way past 50... would be nice to be that young again!!! but have a wonderful birthday, its a milestone b'day!
    and yes please, I'd love to have my name in the draw which looks very grand indeed!

  19. Oh what lovely things you find to give away! Please enter me in the draw. Thank you Karen (frayed round the edges)

  20. Wow, such wonderful things! The neklace is gorgeos... and all the others, I like the words on the bangle.
    I'm in a blog break now, but I come to read other blogs...
    Have a great time :-)

  21. Congrats to BJ. Good for her. And I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Mine was today, but I haven't hit that milestone yet. You have offered many wonderful gifts again. I think it is admirable that you have chosen to do this to celebrate. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around (grin)?

  22. Congratulations on turning 50, thanks for sharing it with us with such a sweet giveaway congrats to BJ too hugs Nikki

  23. What a fabulous give away for the BIG 5-0 birthday you have put together, its like a personal wish list of things I love so I cannot resist entering!

  24. Happy Half-a-Century! I love being past 50, and am excited to turn 60 in a few weeks time! Saying a prayer for your good health and happy relationships! Thanks for a chance to win those wonderful gifts! They are works of HeART! patsy

  25. Claire, what a lovely give away. You are supposed to receive presents on your birthday not give them away.
    Bless you

  26. What a generous giveaway for your 50th birthday! I would love to win!

  27. Hi Claire I would like to be entered in your birthday give away. Just popped over from leaving you a comment on woyww. Your birthday is the same day as my younger son. What a good day :-) Congrats to BJ on her win! Anne x

  28. Hello Claire and I think this is a brilliant idea - you giving gifts, to celebrate your 50 years. I read your "About Me" and more and I'm amazed at your determination to take on what life has thrown at you. Please know that you are being thought of over here in Oz. I think I may already be a winner having met you today....lets enjoy every moment. Cheers and have a great week, anniversary and birthday, RobynO#18

  29. Wishing you health and happiness on your upcoming big 5-0! What a lovely generous collection of goodies you have put together!

  30. Zero birthdays are such fun. What a lovely thoughtful way to share yours with everyone.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  31. What a fab giveaway and a very generous start to your birthday celebrations

  32. fun giveaway! glad you are feeling better. See you on Wednesdays! anklet the games begin!

  33. Happy Big 5-0!! It's not so bad, I know from experience. :) Love all the goodies you are giving away! Love your blog, it's so peaceful in the midst of internet frenzy.

  34. Such beautiful loot! Thanks for having such a keen celebration! Sandy Leigh

  35. Looks like an amazing give away. Happy big 5 - 0! x Jo #30

  36. What an absolutely fabulous giveaway and an excellent way to celebrate the big 50. I passed that a few years ago but I still say I'm forty twelve (he he). Happy birthday for the 28th.

  37. Wishing you a very special birthday next week. Enjoy the celebrations.

  38. Happy Birthday, my dear. Lovely fifties indeed. Please count me in the draw.

  39. Thanks for a chance to win so many nice goodies!

  40. The big 5 0 is definitely worth celebrating so I hope you have some special plans!! What a very generous giveaway Claire. I would so love to wear that necklace and use the other goodies. I 'm so glad you linked up at PPF-or I might not have discovered you :)

  41. Hope I win! Happy Birthday!!!

  42. Hello Claire ~~
    You have such a postitive way at looking at things and I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th Birthday. This is a generous gift for us to have a chance to win and I personally want to say "Thank You" and wish you a wonderful birthday on Monday.

    In Kind Regards,

  43. Dear Claire,

    It's good to know that you feel a bit better now -- you have been in my thoughts! :)

    Thanks for the chance to give all these goodies a good new home.

    In two days will be your birthday -- I wish you a wonderful day with lots of treats, love, sunshine and all the things you love best. Keep up your positive attitude -- you are a shining example for us all! :)

    Many birthday hugs,

  44. I stopped by your blog again after you left such a nice comment on mine. I read your "About" list and was filled with admiration for you. It's nice you are doing this give away -- generosity is good for us all. I am now 53 and I really think this is going to be one of the best decades on this journey of life. I hope you find the same truth -- aging is a wonderful thing.

  45. Happy 50th lovely Lady xxx


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