12 April 2014

Lazarus Saturday - Fifth Saturday of Lent

Vincent van Gogh, The Resurrection of Lazarus, 1889

I've learnt so much from this Lenten journey through the book God for Us, especially about the Eastern Orthodox Church. Apparently today, the day before Palm Sunday, is Lazarus Saturday, with the focus firmly on the story in John 11, where Jesus raises his friend from the tomb.

Today is a day of feasting and festivity for Orthodox Christians, where people dress in bright clothes and eat cookies and candies, all before the serious business of Holy Week commences.

I hope you can find cause to celebrate today :-)

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  1. Oh, yes I did - I celebrated the existence of Life in general, and of Cats in particular…. Hey - the Bloomsbury Cookbook on your reading list - that looks intriguing. Must click that button!


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