This is a favourite photo taken a couple of years ago.
It shows my smile, while the hair conveniently fell over my rather starey, post-stroke right eye, as I tilted my head.
Yes, I am vain, but what can I say...

Hello, my name is Claire, and it's very lovely to meet you :)

I hope you enjoy visiting my newest corner of Blogland.

I've lived in several blogs over the years (scroll down for a list of links), but this is a new venture for me, as I try to express myself as I am now, today, in November 2013.

Currently, I'm enjoying Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart course, which is why I have chosen to create a super-duper new blog. Here I hope to gather all my favourite pieces of writing and photographs from over the years, to create 'a magazine of me' to use Susannah's wonderful phrase!

At the moment. I don't know how it will develop, but I do know that I want it to be true to me, and who I am - a disabled, 49-year-old wife and mother - trying to discover her place in the world day-by-day, as she approaches her half-century **gulp**


45 things about me

  1. I'm a typical Taurean - stubborn, earthy, love my food :)
  2. I'm diabetic - Type 2 diagnosed 15 years ago
  3. I'm an introverted extrovert - I love people, but I must have regular times of silence and solitude.
  4. I'm a Type 4 on the Enneagram (the Overview is pretty accurate!).
  5. I keep a gratitude list writing 5 things I'm grateful for each day.
  6. I love dark chocolate - 70%+ cocoa content.
  7. I'm a life-long learner.
  8. I can't speak any foreign languages, though I studied Latin, Greek and Hebrew.
  9. I wanted to be an academic - I read Theology at Oxford.
  10. I wanted to be a mother more :)
  11. I have 3 children, but Connie died in-utero at 30 weeks.
  12. My maternal grandmother was Irish.
  13. I'm a life-long Liverpool FC supporter, and have a signed photo of Steven Gerrard on the wall (a gift from my Dad several Christmases ago!).
  14. My paternal grandfather was a Scouser.
  15. I'm a devotee of the Bloomsbury Group.
  16. I met my American husband in Kenya.
  17. We celebrate our silver wedding anniversary next April (2014).
  18. I turn 50 the day before!
  19. I collect quotes - mainly about art, literature, culture.
  20. Our house is full of books.
  21. I've broken both kneecaps (separate accidents).
  22. I'm a former Anglican lay minister.
  23. I've always been a lousy baker - much to my mother's dismay.
  24. Our daughter inherited my mother's gifted-baker gene :)
  25. My mother died in 2000 aged 55.
  26. I was a couch potato even before the stroke - never been sporty!
  27. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons - I endure Summer and Winter.
  28. I have crushes on Simon Baker and Bradley Cooper.
  29. I have a girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence.
  30. I'd love to have dinner with Grayson Perry :)
  31. I always chew gum after I eat - got to look after my teeth and gums!
  32. I've always been an early-to-bed, early-to-riser - need my 8 hours.
  33. Toast is my favourite clothes label, but I can only afford sale, or second-hand, items :(
  34. I lost my identity when I couldn't read for a year after the stroke.
  35. I have learnt to write, draw, paint with my left hand - I was right-handed...
  36. I don't like vinegar, anchovies, chilli, spicy curry, salad cream.
  37. I'm terrified of spiders.
  38. I'd love to do a parachute jump.
  39. I've never been skiing.
  40. I want to visit Florence.
  41. I'm allergic to Elastoplast.
  42. I could become a dotty cat lady in my dotage.
  43. I am a sensuous person - I delight in my 5 senses and how they help me encounter the physical world, but...
  44. I am a Soul having a human experience in this particular time and place.

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  1. Hi Claire! Greetings from Blogging From the Heart! Love your new blog (design and content): it is a Beauty… Very well organised, too!

  2. I am so glad to hear you have had several blogs before this one, and that this one will be your Me blog. My very first blog is such a beginners blog, I have so much to learn about how to create content that reflects me, that any energy spent on the design of the blog will mean there will be less left for the actual blogging. Thanks to you I know that I made the right decision in focusing on writing, and leave the design of the blog till later. Although I would like to add some pictures and links and badges.

  3. Hi Claire, lovely photo! I love your smile!
    I'm adding your blog to my feedly, looking forward to reading more :)
    Beata x

    1. Yes, I've always been a smiler! And the droopy right side has evened out quite well ;)

  4. Hi Claire,
    Love your 45 things about you.... what a lovely way to share some really interesting facts! And a beautiful photo too. Look forward to following your posts.
    Karen x

  5. Wow. You are an amazing woman! You also have a beautiful smile. I to can say #44 and #45, that's what it's all about. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am blessed to have met you.

  6. Claire, Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's great to meet you and to get to know you better through your blog. Yup, I'm a nurse, so while I can't say I personally, totally know your physical challenges, I can say I get it. Sometimes life hits us up sideways and knocks us over, and it seems that you are doing a good job getting back in the game! Keep at it. And keep sharing those bits of inspiration for the rest of us.

  7. Love your About Me page - I rencently attended a workshop on Leadership Styles at work where I was told I was an ambivert (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraversion_and_introversion#Ambiversion) which is an introverted extrovert. I had no idea there was a name for it but it is exactly who I am. Looking forward to our blogging on our celebrity dinner parties.

    1. Well, thank you for that! Learn something new every day...
      I now know I'm a ambivert - great word :D

  8. Hello Claire, good to meet you! I also run two blogs... this one in particular revolves around my son (who just happens to be autistic). This blog is out there for all to see and read. I don't advertise my other blog as I want it to remain anonymous ~ I don't share for my real time friends to see. You came to visit it today via Silent Sunday. It is called Fair Fake and Fifty! :) Hey you, I was reading your list above and see that you turn 50 in April. Me too!! The 7th!

  9. Hello, Claire ~ What a lovely gift arrived to me yesterday in the form of a "Liberate Your Art" postcard. Ironically, I am typically a very upbeat and positive person, but yesterday was a tough and dark day. Imagine my delight as I read your words "May it encourage and inspire on days when you feel unsure or less than beautiful." A perfectly timed message!

    Just came here to leave you a little thank you note and I was really struck by your list of 45 things as we have many things in common. Number 1!!! and Number 45!!! totally. And my daughter's dad (my ex-) suffered a debilitating stroke five years ago, so I can somewhat understand your struggle to regain that which has been taken from you.

    Thank you for participating in Kat's Liberate Your Art postcard exchange. I live in Chandler, Arizona and I blog at http://paperturtle.blogspot.com. It's lovely to meet you, Claire, and I wish YOU rich blessings in this journey of life!

    All the best to you, dear one ~ Deb

  10. Anonymous5:20 am

    Claire, I love your blog and especially your 45 Things list! We have so many commonalities it's untrue! You have an American husband and I have an English husband, for example. I got one of your postcards in the swap and it inspires me daily. I, too, am disabled. I have several blogs but have http://artykatsart.wordpress.com as my current one. Blessings!

  11. Sorry if this comes through twice.
    I saw your comment on day 6 root : 30 day journal project (I've fallen behind) and checked out the blog post you shared and decided to read up a bit more about you!
    Just leaving a message so you knew I was here. Very interesting life facts and I paused to pray you heal up completely in every way possible.. I'm hearing impaired and I love your spirit!
    God bless you nice to meet in this way!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a lovely comment, Sharon. It's good to 'meet' you too :)
      Sorry, I'm not on Google+, so I'm hoping you'll find this reply :)

  12. You sound amazing! Glad I've found your blog. Have a very happy day!! :D

  13. Anonymous9:30 am

    Claire I like the way you introduced yourself! Thank you for visiting my blog too!


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