28 February 2014

Taking stock...

Nearly got caught out by February being such a short month...

But here it is, the monthly Taking Stock (thanks to Pip Lincolne for the list!)

Making plans for Lent - share more next week...

Cooking too many pancakes - practising for Shrove Tuesday!

Drinking my usual water with slice of lemon

Reading The Grateful Table: Blessings, Prayers and Graces for the Daily Meal - one a day

Wanting Spring to really start - keeps stopping and starting...

Looking forward to the warmer weather

Playing Laura Mvula's album Sing to the Moon

Wasting nothing

Sowing hopes and plans for my birthday and Silver Wedding anniversary in April

Wishing I had more energy

Enjoying art journalling - collage papers strewn everywhere!

Waiting for the New Ash Moon tomorrow

Liking too many pretty things on Etsy...

Wondering how cold it is outside, and whether I can brave a trip out on my disability scooter.

Loving the longer days already... 

Hoping our son will get his act together before he leaves school in June...

Marvelling at worldwide creativity you can see every day through the internet

Needing nothing.

Smelling nice - this is my current favourite perfume

Wearing jeans and chunky sweater

Following great terrestrial TV dramas like Line of Duty, Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge

Noticing weak sun trying to break through...

Knowing the stirrings of Spring deep in my bones

Thinking less, connecting my heart, soul and spirit more

Bookmarking nothing in particular

Opening my soul to the joys of Spring

Giggling at Outnumbered - gotta love those hapless parents with whom I identify soooo much!

Feeling happy - especially when the sun breaks through after a hailstorm (of which we've had several!)


  1. Oh, wow, had not heard of the singer Laura Mvula but with a title like Sing to the Moon I had to go listen...LOVE her voice. There are so many shows on Masterpiece that we love and have loved. We cannot get in Mr. Selfridge for some reason...I wish we could. We generally like anything from Masterpiece...whether it is Classic or Mystery.

    And have you watched Bletchley Circle? It is a fantastic mystery series. I am waiting for the second season with great anticipation. Also, have you watched Foyle's War....another mystery. It has Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle weeks...very well done.

  2. Congratulations on that upcoming anniversary. I like your list.

  3. Love the packaging of your favourite perfume! I wish I could have a sniff online…

  4. Great list for a short month! Hoping for spring to hurry up and come soon too!

  5. Wow that's quite a list, you must stay very busy! Have a great March!

  6. Hoping-we felt the same about our daughter-it took several tries at uni before the act was got together-however she was and is the joy of my life even at her most trying. Great list and great idea to take stock.

  7. Fascinating insight into your life.

  8. "Somerset Meadow" ... What a beautiful name for perfume! And congratulations on the impending Silver Wedding Anniversary, and birthday, of course!

  9. There are several references to the sun and Spring....this Winter is wanting to hang on and we are ready for it to go. Nice list, I like the...wasting nothing and needing nothing...."Waste Not, Want Not.

    1. Oh that's brillaint! I never saw that :)

  10. love the ritual...
    so clear and seemingly "simple" but it really does contain SO MUCH.


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