14 February 2014

Random 5 Friday

Here we are again, enjoying each others' randomness :-)

And many thanks to Nancy at A Rural Journal for hosting!

This week's random facts are:

1.  Too much of the UK is still suffering from this horrendous flooding, and the government is doing too little, too late. We are very fortunate where we are - it's just damp and soggy - but many are not so lucky...

2.  I'm really enjoying this book, and learning a lot! Did you know reindeer are the only deer where both the male and the female grow antlers??

3. As it's Valentine's Day, here's a photo-collage I made of things I love :-)

4. It's also a Full Moon, and here's this month's Full Moon Dreamboard. You can read more about it here, and more about my practice here.

5. And there's still time to enter this week's Giveaway - this whimsical Peter Pan-quote necklace!

You can leave a comment and find more info here
Or mention in the comments below and I'll add your name :)
I shall draw the winner at 11am GMT this Sunday 16 February.

And that's my Random 5! 

I so enjoyed last week - I think this will be a regular thing :-)


  1. I love random!! Your collage is so special - what a wonderful way to celebrate all that you love! xx

  2. That sounds like a great read about the reindeer. Thank you! Enjoyed your randoms this week. xo

  3. i love collages or mosaics .. which ever you prefer to call it. happy weekend. happy <3 day!! ( :

  4. Love this celebration of Random.
    Gorgeousness abounds!

  5. Anonymous9:08 pm

    I hadn't realized England was having flooding issues. Other than the bad part of your aerial picture, the floods, I do love aerial photography.

    1. I actually took the photo 10 years ago when I had the chance to fly with a friend's boyfriend in his two-seater. Proves, alas, these floods are not that uncommon in the UK...

  6. The book sounded right up my alley, Put it on my kindle to read soon. Oh enter me in your giveaway. Reading your posts are like sitting down and having a nice cuppa with you. Such sweet contentment.

    1. Bless you, Kate!! Your name's in the giveaway for the notebook... and hopefully in a few months we'll be sitting at our dining table enjoying a real cuppa together :) x


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