4 February 2014

Word for the Week - A New Practice

(Image copyright Mary Lunnen)

Before Christmas I entered a giveaway hosted by Mary Lunnen at Dare to Blossom, and I won a pack of her beautiful Rediscovery Cards. (Hooray for me!)

I've never met Mary, but I've received her newsletter for several years now, and I read her book Dare to Blossom several years ago. She's a wise, gentle soul, and when I won her cards, I knew this was a practice for me...

Each week, I shall draw a card, and focus on it to rediscover what my own inner wisdom has to tell me about it, and how I can put it into practice, and Make it Known to others - see, how my Word(s) for 2014 just slipped in there :D

My plan is to post each Monday, but yesterday just ran away with me, so here I am today. And this week's word is 

Well, I had to smile when I drew this card, as I'm having 13 weeks of Giveaways, and the first gift will be winging its way to Canada this week.

But maybe, I need to think more about this word, this concept...

Can I be more generous with my time?
Can I be more generous with my praise? my love? my affection?

And what about the colour? This soft orange... a colour often seen in the sunrise, sunset...

(Photo by Sam, my son, on his trip to Slovakia last July)

It's prominent in the painting above our mantelpiece - my 40th birthday present from my Dad...

... and several others dotted around the house...

It's a warm, uplifting, can I say, generous colour...

And, I've just noticed, it's the colour used in the Blogger logo!

How interesting...

I'd love to know what the word and the colour mean to you... Leave a comment anytime this week, while we ponder


  1. Hi Claire - I love this - and not just because it was prompted by my cards! Actually the cards feel like an entity iof their own, perhaps like any creative endeavour. I feel I simply helped them come into being and launched them out into the world. And in this context I feel the 'Generosity' of the Universe or the creative muse in giving me the idea, and now I can feel the warmth of the generosity of others such as you coming back to me. And the warm orange is part of that. I also love the way you have shared the art and pictures in your post - thank you.
    With love and appreciation, Mary

    1. Thank you, Mary :)
      I'm glad you like the post, and can feel some of the warmth returning to your own generous soul...
      I 'know' using your cards will develop into a wonderful practice throughout this year, so thank YOU x

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't she lovely? She sits over our bed :) x

    2. Such a beautiful image to sleep under at night.

  3. The word and color....the word to me means being open to the needs of others, seeing a void and filling it. The color reminds me of the wonderful little mandarin oranges I am obsessed with eating!

    1. Love those too :)
      Took a photo of one here on Week 1 of Focus on Life :)

    2. Me too, love the little oranges. I feel the pleasure is part of showing generosity to myself as well as being open to the needs of others, as you say so eloquently Maggie.

  4. Oh, and I too love the angel!

  5. What beautiful cards! And the painting by your dad ... Clever man. I do like that very much :-)

    1. Only when I read your comment, did I realize the ambiguity of what I'd written... sadly, Dad didn't paint it, he commissioned a local artist. I spent the day with her taking about my life, favourite books/poetry/things and she incorporated them into the painting. She took her inspiration from the torn strip from a magazine of a Kenyan sunset (which is where my hubby and I met in 1987). I adore the colours, the images, the Latin phrases, the lines from Keats, T.S. Eliot and Mary Oliver, and the cohesive randomness of it all :) xx

  6. Hmm, well when I see the colour orange, I think of my 8 year old, Zack. He has quite a few orange tops and suits them so much. It's very him, and being such a vibrant and lively not-so-little dude, it suits him to a tee. :)
    As for the meaning for me? I guess I think of generosity and I think of being kind to myself. To remind myself that yes, be generous with your time, your love and your giving, but make sure you are also generous to yourself.
    Like by getting to bed earlier, or not overloading myself with too much to do, things like that, you know?
    (she says at 00.41 when she should be in bed... *cough*)


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