13 February 2014

February Full Moon Dreamboard

Well, this month's Full Moon Dreamboard (FMD)has been very interesting... 
Jamie Ridler has a new venture producing a year's worth of FMD workshops, so I decided to try this first month's - sadly I won't be able to afford a year's worth, but I wanted to try at least one.

There's a video introduction, and an audio workshop, and a guided meditation and journal questions to print out and fill in. I'm done them all except the 'Go deeper' questions which I'll do tomorrow, when I've had time to ponder my board...

Jamie prefers the Native American names for the moon, and February's is the Snow Moon. I'm keeping with the Celtic names, and this month's moon is a Rowan Moon, so I have written both on my Dreamboard. And the main question Jamie asks is, What are my deepest dreams?

I completed Jamie's first 10 journal questions straight after the meditation, writing the first things that came into my head... Then I chose images from my stash, and the themes are quite clear...

I've been reading and enjoying Elen of the Ways by Elen Sentier this month, so it is no surprise there's a definite Celtic shaman theme, and a desire to connect with my ancestors, the wise women of my near and ancient past...

The shaman walks close to the edge of consciousness, and beyond the boundaries of reason, knowing 'The power of otherness'. S/he walks the path between heaven and earth. The image on the bottom right of this page is of Ancient Hands (Annie Ocean 2006) from an old We'Moon diary with the words
Now gold runs
in the veins
of the bone flower 
of her hands.
(excerpt Cora Greenhill 2007)

On which I've stuck a poem from another We'Moon diary

Down, down
deep into the well
that is my own
true source,
deeper and deeper,
on the other side -
a woman, alive
with her hands
full of gold.
(e.g. wise 2012)

And to the left of the hands image is a small image of Moon Crone, Planning Her Next Endeavour by Kay Beyer 2008, and some love stamps salvaged from a letter. The tag on the far left, to which vintage lace is attached, is from a journal I own made by Nellie Wortman. I found the words Heaven' and 'Earth' in my stash and stuck them on the tag, on which Nellie had already stitched a felt heart with the word 'path'.

The right-hand page has more We'Moon images - top right is Sacred Hearts (Meinrad Craighead 1990) showing a shaman with the title BETWIXT, and bottom left is Between Two Worlds (Rachill 1999). Across the two images, I have stuck on a cut-up affirmation card, which reads 'I open myself to love', And the words 'hidden depths' and 'past & present' are from magazine adverts. 

The final piece is a journal card on which I have written these words from Susan Seddon Boulet's book Shaman: The Paintings of SSB, 1989:

If you want good dreams,
pray to the Grandmother Moon.
If you want to walk the good red 
road, then rise before dawn
and pray the sun up.

As an early riser, I connect deeply with these words - I always pray to the moon, and the sun, Mama Spirit, God giving thanks for the new day's dawning, and for seeing another day...

I so love this Full Moon practice (this is my 5th month so far), and these 'messages' which emerge are truly precious and magical to me!


  1. What a beautiful exploration and powerful discoveries! The "deep" theme of this moon has clearly spoken to you, weaving sacred messages into your boards and inviting you into deep work in the world.

    I am so glad to share this practice with you. May all of your dreams come true.

  2. This is beautiful and a good way. If I could participate enough English there (but video I do not understand, it is slow and tedious for me yet, goes only to read and write -)
    We'Moon calendar I also know, very nice pictures. But I have not seen in Germany, earlier, in the 90s only.

    I'm just making a winter book with pictures and text. Wanted to have done long ago ... but winter is not over yet -

  3. I like your choice of images here and that wonderful word Betwixt which I'm convinced adopted me and became my middle name somewhere along the way*!*

  4. Susan Seddon Boulet - that brought back some memories, my wall used to be full of her beautiful art! Happy memories, thank you for the reminder and thank you for sharing your wonderfully powerful board xx

  5. That's really lovely ... And I'm really liking your Celtic theme. It's one of our customs to have a rowan tree planted in your garden as protection and good luck. What an interesting post this is :-)


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