17 February 2014

Word for the Week

Finding it a bit hard to get going today... I guess it's that Monday-morning feeling - and waking up to yet another grey, drizzly day *sigh*

Anyway, this week's word drawn from Mary Lunnen's Rediscovery Cards is

Now, this is a much 'easier' word to sit with this week... Easier in the sense that I know it it, I seek to practise it every day, I'm comfortable with it...

I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best (as she often did on a great variety of subjects!):

Understanding is a two-way street.

To understand another, and be understood ourselves, is one of the essences of life...

I don't know if Mary deliberately chose the colour, but it is perfect for the word (the actual card is a lighter blue-green than the photo I took).

It's a turquoise colour...

... the colour most associated with the throat chakra, with verbal expression, wisdom and understanding. not to mention the sea and the sky, calm and clear...

It's also the background colour of the scarf I wear every day to shield my neck from drafts...

and the colour of the moon in this collage by Terri St Cloud from Bone Sigh Arts which I have in my sidebar - I receive her daily email quotes. It's a colour she uses often in her collages, as a quick scroll through her prints reveal...

So, understanding is such a very good word to keep in my heart and mind throughout this week. I'd love to know how you understand/feel/respond when you see

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  1. Hi Claire,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on winning my Grow Your Blog giveaway! I hope you'll be able to get in touch to give me your postal address so that I can send you your manicure goodies :)
    Thanks for joining in, lovely to have met you through GYB
    Heidi x

  2. Interesting about the verbal expression....to me understanding often means listening and not speaking. But then again part of the understanding process can be talking yourself through a situation.

  3. Understanding? Such a seemingly simple word but so hard sometimes to be understanding of others if you don't know their issues/circumstances. I think we should all practice a little more if we can. But then some days I don't even understand myself!! Lol :)

  4. Well, I have been in a "mood" this morning. My mind was set in "the problem with so and so is" "why can't they just do it this way.." Understanding is a good word, will reset my brain! great post!

  5. ...something that passes very easily between my cat and I - she'll stand under my feet until I feed her ;)

  6. Turquoise is my favourite colour. My new house has a rather dull colour scheme poor thing. A pale robins egg blue is planned for the walls, along with turquiose curtains and cushions. Thank you for sharing the associations, I just knew it was a good colour.

  7. Lovely piece again Claire. For some reason I don't get a notification of your posts though I thought I had signed up to get them - not to worry as I remember after I send out my own musings on Wednesday or Thursday and come along to see what you have been writing about! The colour is significant - though when I designed the cards I didn't consciously 'choose', but rather intuitively selected them very quickly (it was such fun!). This turquoise is a colour I have always loved, and wear a lot, long before I knew anything about chakras etc.

    1. I'd guessed that the colours were intuitively 'chosen', but it's great to hear it directly from you, Mary :) There's something very special about hearing the creator's perspective, so thank you for commenting xx

  8. Hi Claire, well the greenish turquoise (and even the lettering!) made me think immediately of road signs on Interstate Highways in the U.S. And the great thing about road signs is of course they sometimes say, for instance, "Minneapolis", when Minneapolis is 200 miles away, and sometimes say "Roland", when Roland is just 3 miles away. Traffic engineers somehow make it possible to produce a map in the head out of a linear sequence of signs floating by. So maybe understanding is what happens when you add a dimension, even if the depth of understanding needed to get from A to B on an Interstate is not that great.


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