5 February 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday no. 244

Well, it's been a while... 

My last WOYWW was back on 20 November on my my old blog, but this is my first visit from my new home in Blogland :)

So hello again, dear Julia at the Stamping Ground, and I'm looking forward to peaking at all your wonderful desks...

And my desk?

I've been working a lot digitally this past week - finishing the January Writing Challenge, blog posting most days, and creating a postcard for the Liberate Your Art 2014 swap.

In the end, I chose this image to be printed on 10 postcards from moo.com - the first time I've ever done this... My digital skills are certainly improving :)

It's a combination of a photo I composed a while ago and a small stone I wrote on 27 January.

The postcards arrived yesterday (a very quick service!), and I need to write messages on 5 and send them to Kat, the swap host. Sometime in March/April, I'll hopefully receive 5 art cards back from artists around the globe :-)

And lastly, I've been posting about this week's Giveaway

I'm having 13 weeks of Giveaways to celebrate my 50th birthday on 28 April :) 
There's a button on the sidebar, or you can read more on my Giveaways page.

If you'd like to enter this week's Giveaway, let me know in the comments below and I'll add your name, or comment on the actual Giveaway post, if you have time :)

It's lovely to connect with you all again, and I hope you'll come back and snoop around my new blog home on a less busy day...

With love xxx


  1. Wow the fruitbowl looks amazing didn't know you could do that on the computer. Good to catch up with you again is this a new bog name which might explain why I I have seen you for a while
    Janet @8

  2. Anonymous8:30 am

    The fruitbowl looks like you could reach in a pluck one out to eat. And the post cards look lovely as well - I didn't know Moo did full size cards, I though it was just those teeny tiny business cards. Clearly I need to has a browse over there again. Welcome back!
    Getting an early start for a change....
    Happy WOYWW Day!
    Mary Anne (4)

  3. We've both been away for a while, feels good to be back doesn't it. Love your postcard, I'm sure the others will love them when they receive them.
    Have a great week,
    Von #30

  4. Your fruitbowl looks great. Digital crafting is a bit of a foreign language to me!!
    Hugs Lisax #54

  5. Welcome back! I hadn't heard of that book...I've got so many lined up to read..so many books and so little time. I'm glad that you are enjoying all your different challenges...there's no point crafting if there's no delight in it.
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  6. Hi Claire.Thanks for following my blog.I just couldn't get my act together this year to participate in the Grow Your Blog. We have had a heat wave, and not sleeping that well. Like that gorgeous fruit bowl.
    Judy #13

  7. Your fruitbowl is looking good, nice to see you are back with us, you have been missed. I don't know of that book, but I don't tend to read hardcovers anymore unless it is magazines etc. Enjoy your challenges.

    Have a great crafting week and thanks for dropping in to say hi and leave a comment.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12
    Happy WOYWW

  8. I'm an alien to Digi, I really am. And I'm being thick about the stone too..I followed your 27 Jan link but still can't see a stone...what have I misunderstood?!! Nevertheless, I like the collage very much, the butterflies really lend themselves to some print, I know not why.

  9. Hi Claire! Great to have you back. Thanks for visiting me earlier. I love the cards, very nice. What a great idea to have a giveaway for your birthday. I had a 40 for 40 for mine last year, the details are still up on my blog. Cx #38

  10. Most of the digital stuff is over my head - this is beautiful!!! Happy early 50th...glad to hear you're "embracing" it...Happy Creative Wednesday - Tanya

  11. You are very generous with your giveaway - and Happy Birthday! 50 is the new 30! I have this book, so please don't enter me, I won't take it personally! I would love to take digital lessons, I've tried teaching myself, but it's very tricky. Thanks for sharing!
    Lindart #84

  12. I love those moo cards! They are a great way to share your talents with your info! Working with digital photos is something I need to learn...yes, I can crop and resize...but all the other things, I am lost! Off to visit the giveaway page, you know I would hate to miss something!

  13. Never done any digi crafting - mainly cos I don't have a printer right now... love your moo cards! Thanks for the visit. Helen 7

  14. welcome back. love the butterfly. well done on tackling the digital world
    famfa 5

  15. It is good to see you back again Claire and thank you for your visit. I think the sorting out bug that is going round is a direct reaction to the rotten weather we are having. I desperately need to get into the garden and do some work there, but it is totally waterlogged, and starting to resemble a muddy swimming pool. Hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #3

  16. Love your postcard pick Claire, and I've been reading your small stones....sigh, yes lets just stop a moment and settle. Thank you Cheers RobynO#16

  17. Welcome back, Claire. I am sure you will have great fun with digital creativity. I used to do quite a bit and enjoyed the challenge! I haven't done much of anything for months because of our house move and family commitments but am hoping to get more done now things are more settled.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #100

  18. I never done digital crafting. It looks fun. Sorry for the late visit. #14

  19. I don't do much digital work. I find I'm on the computer too much as it is. I do admire those who create such beautiful things digitally. Peg R 25

  20. What lucky rellies you have living in Ventura. It is somewhere I could live quite easily and I love some of the wooden houses.
    I am with Peg above re the digi work.
    Thanks for the visit earlier.
    Hugs, Neet xx 22

  21. These are really awesome.
    Thanks for the visit Wednesday
    Krisha #23

  22. well done on your digital work! it feels good when we get better at something, doesn't it? that looks like an interesting book. is your giveaway open to overseas visitors?

  23. I'm so late because I have spent so much time reading your previous blog posts. I love your art and of course, your small stones. I like that you shared your new digital desk. And of course, I love the image you created. You make great digital art. It was hard to imagine it came from a digital concept.

    Thanks for visiting me earlier. I appreciate it. I'm really glad you are back, too. Happy belated WOYWW from #1.

  24. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Ah Clarie, lovely to see you back again and in your new "home" too. Glad to see you're still creating, the digital work looks very interesting and involved! Love you daughters painting/freehand work too.

    Brenda 6

  25. Hello Claire. My word - you have indeed been busy since your old blog finished. Well done you! Thanks for visiting - and thanks for praying. God is the only answer to all this for my hubby - the Drs are saying there is nothing they can do, it will simply get worse...
    Take care of yourself - it's good to see what you have been learning and doing.
    Margaret #17

  26. ohhhh I love this idea - I won't do my actual work desk (it's far to messy to advertise online), but when I do my next bake, I'll post a photo on my baking blog to show the lovely new kitchen and my fav workspace to be in :) xx


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