28 February 2014

Random 5 Friday

Joining in the fun over at Nancy's A Rural Journal...

A funny week, highs and lows... here's 5 random facts/events...

1. Dental check up on Monday after school *sigh* Nobody's likes it, so we always treat ourselves to dinner here afterwards - best burgers and shakes outside the US, we reckon :-)

2. I've been playing with the macro setting before my non-Valentine's flowers die completely!

3. Finally opened my box of Hotel Chocolat choccies from Christmas - and took a close-up...

4. While we were at the dentist, Molly-cat seems to have injured herself - we finally took her to the vet on Wednesday, and she's on painkillers, poor baby :-(

She didn't want to be photographed so this is from last year.

5. I've been art journalling in this 8" x 8" journal all this week - such a happy bunny!

I could bore you with more journal photos, but I will spare you...

Thanks for stopping by my Random 5!

PS Forgot to mention this week's Giveaway - leave a comment here, where there's more photos and info, to enter the draw :)


  1. I would like to see the photos of the Journal!
    (Have dentist - appointment for a crown on Tuesday- uuhhhhhh - )
    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Seems you had a busy creative week ! Hope Molly feels better, poor baby !

  3. I love your journal pages nothing better than getting your hands sticky !

  4. that chocolate looks deadly, love your journal pages, and am sorry for Molly, poor little girl.

  5. I love Macro shooting. Poor Molly, I hope she feels better soon.

  6. A busy, creative week. I had a trip to the dentist too and had a hamburger to celebrate ... great minds! :) the chocolate makes my mouth water. poor kitty ... hope she is much better. Happy Friday!

  7. Hi Claire. It seems to be dentist time all over the world...lol. So many of my friends have gone this week and Chloe and i did too. It's so good to get that over with, isn't it? Love your art journal. I've been slowly working on mine, but now I'm into the photo pages of the journal and out of the type pages and so not sure how I'll handle those pages. (It's in an old book) Happy journaling and please post all the pages you can. Never boring. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  8. I hope Molly recovers...I always hate seeing animals in pain.
    That chocolate...be still my heart!!
    And now you have me craving a huge cheeseburger and fries!!! And why not...a thick chocolate shake to go with it.

    Beautiful macro of your Valentine's flowers.

  9. Oh that chocolate looks yummy! Burgers and Fries....I am so hungry from my visit today!

  10. The burgers and fries always are a delicious reward and the chocolate just tops it all off. Our dentist gives us warm chocolate chip cookies as we check out! Sorry about your Molly! It is very sad when our pets are not feeling well, no matter whether it is sickness or an injury. Love your photos.
    (I previously posted, but don't see it, so please forgive if you get a double post from me.) :-)

  11. Love the flower shot and chocolate shot...poor Molly...hope she gets better soon.

    Journal pages--never boring!

  12. Enjoyed your post and journal pages, especially 'Let us leave the beautiful women to men with no imagination'… hahaha, who wants men with no imagination, anyway...

  13. I like the journal page, will have to give a try sometime. Poor kitty hope Molly feels better. I was using macro yesterday too.

  14. I've been playing with my macro lens this week, but I'm not overly thrilled with my results. Obviously I've not mastered it yet.

    Your photos are lovely.

  15. I'm with you on the dentist...a trip there always calls for a reward.

    Hope your kitty is better soon.

    I love your journal pages. I need to work in mine.

  16. LOVE that necklace! and your journaling is beautiful. well, the chocolate...it just speaks for itself!

  17. I enjoy my macro too. So sorry your furbaaby is hurt. Interesting shape for that chocolate.

  18. I hope Molly feels better soon, poor baby. I hate it when one of the furbabies feels poorly. Nice photos and randoms! Have a great weekend.

  19. I too hope Molly feels better == she looks very my like my indoor cat Angus. :)

  20. Cool looking diner!
    I love your art journaling. I've done some but been away from it for months. I'm in the process of making a space in my garage so I can keep everything out and have to clear the dining room table to eat. :)
    Hope Molly is all better soon.


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