12 February 2014

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 245

Look at this - two weeks in a row...

You can learn all about WOYWW here at our ultra-reliable, ultra-patient hostess' Stamping Ground.

This week, my 'workdesk' has been the dining room table - with me cracking on with getting things in the mail!
(Sorry, it's not the best photo - taken late last night...)

The large parcel on the left is a Valentine's gift for my Dad - a book of poems and a box of toffee (don't worry, he doesn't read my blog!). Behind it is a dear friend's birthday present (she does read the blog!). The brown envelope on the right contains a real letter written about the books I'm reading as part of Annie's Snail Mail swap (there's a button on my sidebar about it). And at the front is last weeks giveaway, The Four Agreements book, which will be on its way to Birgit in the morning :)

Which reminds me - you're most welcome to enter this week's Giveaway here - it's for this ultra-fun necklace! 

And I'm happy to post it anywhere the postal service reaches - so far the randomly selected winners have been in Canada and Germany - and I'll draw the winner at 11am GMT this Sunday, 16 February :-)

Till next week xxx


  1. Oh wow, I LOVE that necklace. I'm off to find the post I need to leave a comment on. I'm going to be both happy and sad when you finally reach 50 (grin). And it looks like your dad is in for a great surprise for Valentine's Day. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. I love the fact that you give your dad a Valentine gift, awe, how sweet..literally. Toffee, yum, you can keep choccy!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  3. It's always fun to received something in the post, that isn't a bill or junk mail. You are going to be putting a smile on lots of faces xx

    Fiona #42

  4. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier. Such a lovely idea to give your Dad a parcel for Valentine's day :-)
    Love that necklace.
    Annie x # 50

  5. How lovely to send a package to your dad for Valentines day. I wish more people would write real letters. Thanks for stopping by , Happy woyww jill #35

  6. Yes, you're kind to do that Claire.You'll have to post a photo of the mask your daughter brought home from Venice.What a school trip.You're all so close to Italy, France etc.It is so expensive where we are to go OS. I'll just have to keep watching those You Tube videos for my venice fix!
    Thanks for nice comment on my blog
    Judy #6

  7. Wow you delve in all sorts of stuff, very interesting post reading about everything you do
    Bridget #21

  8. Hi Claire. Thank for popping back to mine. I didn't feel it was right to add my name to your give away as I'm not a regular visitor at yours. I'm just not that cheeky :-)
    I'm sure your Dad feels very loved thanks to your care and special kindness :-)
    Annie x

  9. My word Claire, that's a generous give away..and I love to see your table covered in envelopes as you communicate with the world! A real letter too - how wonderful for the next reader!

  10. You look as thiugh you are keeping the postal service in business with all those parcels. Lovely to think of your dear Dad on Father's Day.
    I love that necklace and would welcome the chance to win it, thanks,
    Jo x

  11. How lovely to think of your dad on valentine's day

  12. Claire, how lovely of you to think ofyour Dad on Valentine's Days.
    Chris #48

  13. It's always so fun to receive gifts in the mail, what a sweet Valentine. And that necklace IS ultra-fun, I'm going to go sign up right now!!

    Thank you for your visit this woyww, and a Happy WOYWW to you,
    #13 this week with
    tiny books and Valentines

  14. Lots of packages, what fun, shame I don't wear any jewelry except my cross, sleepers and wedding ring. 1964 was a good vintage wasn't it? Thanks for visiting me this week. BJ#58

  15. Thank you so much for trying to follow me! Blogger can be such a pain :(
    Sending packages is so fun!!!

    1. I just popped over to yours - and apparently Blogger did sign me up earlier, despite giving me the Ooops message :D

    2. I saw! Thank you so much!!

  16. Gifts are always fun to get through the mail, but a hand written letter is priceless these days. I really miss a hand written letters, even a typed one would be fun. LOL
    Thanks for the visit this week. I did hop over and enter your give away, such a fun necklace to wear.
    Krisha #34

  17. Thanks for calling into my blog. We all love getting parcels in the post don't we. x Jo

  18. Hi Claire,

    Looks like you'll be running off to the post office. Oh, the handwritten letter exchange sounds wonderful. I have a friend that we still write letters to one another. I love her handwriting and I'm getting to know her all over again.

    The giveaway necklace is beautiful. I think I'm going to put my name in the hat!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (86)

  19. Thank you for stopping by. The necklace looks lovely. Karen #44

  20. Lucky people getting snail mail. That still is the most exciting thing ever.
    Love the necklace!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  21. I love getting snail mail...it seems so much more special these days. The necklace is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#56)

  22. Thanks for visiting me earlier Claire..Good advice :) Love the necklace and I love snail mail..I got some yesterday it is totally the best thing ever. Cx #31

  23. That's a great necklace! Have a lovely week and enjoy the snail mail. #45

  24. All your crafting seems to be setting off from your desk out in to the big wide world for a new life in new homes - great of you to spread the love around !! Thanks for calling by ! Ali #36

  25. You're keeping the postman busy this week! What a lovely idea to give your Dad a Valentine's gift :o) Happy WOYWW! annie C #67

  26. Wow! You are doing more mailing than I do in a year. :) Happy WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by earlier. :)

  27. Anonymous8:42 am

    Lovely necklace! and I still have never really gotten over the excitement of actual mail. I am stupidly please when I get a card or a letter, much more so than the longest most detailed email. There is just something about the opening of it that makes me happy :)
    Romantic day with DH kept me from WOYWW so here I am today!

    Mary Anne (27)

  28. What a busy bee you have been. You make e realise that I don't get nearly as much mail these4 days but then neither do I send as much. Emails are great but not quite like the envelope dropping through the letterbox.
    Fab necklace!
    Hugs, Neet 38 xx

  29. Hello Claire thanks for visiting my nest, eyelash wool, it looks like eyelashes I use it im my art, certainly not for knitting, that I can't do, I just taped 2 piece together and cut to shape. How generous you are with all your give always, the necklace is beautiful, what could be better then getting some love in the mail, your Dad and friend will love them, have a wonderful weekend.. Dianne #70

  30. How sweet to send your Dad a Valentines gift. Looks like you have been cracking the whip and getting things done, good for you. I hope you have a wonderful week full of crafting goodness.

    Hugs Eliza 10

  31. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Ooooh! Lots of goodies to mail out. I'm jealous. And sure you may come over any time and scrap in my space. ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog! #23

  32. You are very busy sending things out by post. Hope they all arrive safely. Thank you for your visit. I hate to say it, but my room is nowhere near as tidy as the small part I have shown seems to be. I am getting there but it is slow progress. Hope you are dry and safe. xx Maggie #15

  33. Love the necklace, thats so my style of adornment! Lucky dad to have a gift for Valentines Day bless him too.
    I love the idea of journalling on moon themes each month and found your ( next posts) result really poignant.
    What are the names for the moons in native american culture?
    That sounds so wonderful that they graced each one with its own name!
    Did they use the same names for each january/feb etc moon or were they different in different years do you know?

  34. Hi Claire. I'm guessing you have shares in the post office with all that happy mail. But a small price for lots of happiness eh ?
    Love the necklace


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