27 January 2014

Three small stones...

I had a VERY busy weekend with the Grow Your Blog party (so much fun!), so the small stones* rather slipped from my grasp...

So today, you have 3 for 1 - aren't you lucky?? 
(Maybe judgement should be reserved till you've read them...)

Saturday's suggestion was 'write a small stone about something vulnerable or fragile...

(the only Misty Mawn painting I own - 
my treat to myself when eventually I re-learnt to use the computer in 2008)

Fragile wings
Settle on a delicate shoulder;
Hold this moment,
Before it fades.


Sunday's prompt: 'Look up into the sky to write your small stone today'...

Today's sky?
Heavy grey, rain, hail...
Thank God for memory
And hope.


And finally...

'Today you could write your small stone about yourself, or about what's around you after sitting quietly for a few minutes'.

Suddenly I got very creative with Picasa...

Enjoy your Monday - Beautiful You...

* I forgot to add the usual link to the Mindful Writing Challenge - sorry!


  1. Hello dear Claire
    Oh I love this post.
    Your Misty Mawn painting is gorgeous and I know you get so much pleasure from it - I've been one of her fans ever since I found Creative Workshops (http://www.creativeworkshops.typepad.com/) where she had classes - I'm not sure if there's still one on offer there.

    I love the quote at the top of your blog by Altijd-Lente - I feel the the sacredness reading this post.
    I want to know more about these stones - I've got lots more reading to do here I can see - I'll be back!

    Shane xox

  2. i do love small stones, and did a whole series of them on my blog awhile ago while doing an online class. Love ly post and a good challenge for today. Thanks for sharing! That grow your blog weekend was very bush and so fun.

  3. I love this post...
    Greetings, Masha

  4. Such a great post, I am like Shane wanting to know more about these stones. I like the thought of doing a snippet of writing each day to really get in touch with what is in our heart. Glad to have found your blog through GYB party.

  5. These are beautiful. The third one is especially appropriate for me today. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow, I didn't know what stones were but I think I do now. I love all of them but I especially resonate with the last one.

  7. What a beautiful post. Its great to connect with you. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  8. Beautiful poem on the fragile butterfly wings!
    I love how the butterfly in the painting returns in your Picasa collage…

  9. I really love daily stone meditations and writing prompts. 3 for 1 was my day:)
    Thanks for the visit. I love the postcard -liberate your art!


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