28 January 2014

Day 28...

... of January's Mindful Writing Challenge, and today Satya's prompt focuses on taste, with a cute quote from Lewis Grizzard:

It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts 
while eating a homegrown tomato.

It's the wrong time of year to grow tomatoes in England, and too early in the morning for me to think of cooked food, so...

A tall glass of
Crystal-clear water -
Life-giving, but dull.
Plop in a slice
Of fresh-cut lemon -
And taste the Life!

Talking of crystal clear... I don't know if you've seen/heard this - Ashana's voice is as crystal-clear as the bowls she plays...


  1. ah! I had lemon to drink this morning as well! wonderful! I do agree with your comment about eating homegrown tomatoes...

  2. Tomatoes must be in the air. Yesterday I bought tomato seeds. I hope to start them indoors in March, we can't plant outdoors until the end of May. Dreaming of summer while we huddle indoors today, -10 degrees below zero here, not our usual. Not liking the Polar Vortex, schools and airports closed again. I need to meditate!!! ( or move to warmer climbs)

  3. Lewis Grizzard has many great quotes....and I have to agree with this one, biting into a homegrown tomato is a taste you won't soon forget. I enjoyed the link to Ashana. Nice to start the day with a beautiful, peacefulness.

  4. Yum, home grown toms. I love them and try to grow a heritage one each year as well as one of the normal types.
    Thank you for Ashana, The Embrace. It is beautiful.
    Hugs x

  5. ...dreaming of tomatoes...
    And Spring.

  6. Oh, yes, the tomatoes… I got some from the super market last week, and they tasted so bland and watery, I miss the real ones so much. I will definitely plant them this year!

  7. Lindo post.


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