6 January 2014

Days 5 and 6 (combined)

... of the Mindful Writing Challenge (because yesterday was Silent Sunday).

See things with fresh eyes...
The essence of Epiphany.
We see a baby,
They see a king.
We see a pauper,
They see a prince.
We see a winter tree,
They see new life...

Whether you 'believe' in the story of the Epiphany, the message is clear...

Epiphany: a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something 
in a new or very clear way
Merriam Webster Dictionary

Isn't this the lifeblood of mindful living??

PS I've just drawn my card for today - perfect or what???


  1. which deck is this one from Claire? I like the message you got! I'm still working out what mine means....the nine of earth? Its hard to apply it to ones own situation

    1. I write about the deck on my Card of the Day page - scroll down to the 22 November post. It's the one deck I really connect with :)
      Which deck do you use? Is earth the same as pentacles...?

    2. ok found your post with the deck! Mine is doreen virtues angel tarot deck. I liked her angel cards so much and when I saw this it seemed a more gentler version of the tarot and it spoke to me.

    3. It's really important to find a deck that speaks to you, isn't it?
      In my deck 9 of pentacles (I'm sure pentacles is connected to earth...) has this image http://www.artchive.com/artchive/c/caillebotte/c-botte_balcony.jpg
      with the quote:
      'None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone' - Ralph Waldo Emerson
      Brilliant quote, isn't it?

    4. Love the beautiful photograph of the three kings agains the night sky…..

  2. a whisper.... that really says it all when a card say "speaks" to you, its more like a whisper .... what a great quote! I'm off to bed soon had a really really busy day and still have the dogs to walk! zzzz chat next time again it was fun!

  3. It is an amazing deck you are using, Claire! With the quotes on the cards summarising the meaning of each card so beautifully (and that is not an easy thing to do) every time…. I am going to look at your older post about the deck, too.
    And yes, pentacles is connected to earth, definitely.

  4. Aha, it's the art of Life Tarot deck. Going to look if Amazon has it...

  5. I have really been enjoying your posts lately. This one was lovely.

  6. I love seeing the cards you draw. The deck you use is absolutely beautiful.


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