24 January 2014

Day 24...

... of the Writing Challenge (just a week to go...)

And today's prompt is interesting, in so many ways: 'Today you could write a small stone about something you feel resistant to writing about...'

Satya mentions 'cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling' - of which we have many (I've never been houseproud!), but instead, I'm going the way of Gloria Steinem, whom she quotes:

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. 

And it's why the link to Satya's website is blue rather than the usual dark red...

I like texture - 
it makes clothes,
paintings, people,
more interesting.

That's why I like
to throw the odd
F*CK in - 
to season 
the conversation.


  1. HA! F*** yes! Me too :-D

    I love the quote about the truth. It's so... succinct... Isn't it?

    Today's post made me smile, thank you!

    1. You are most welcome :-D
      GS has always had a way with words...
      She was one of my Dad's pin-up in the 60/70s, till he realized she was 'a foul-mouthed feminist' - bless him!

  2. I liked your take on the challenge, and youre a lady after my own heart too... I too like to add a little "seasoning" to a conversation! Spices things up doesnt it?

    1. It does, indeed :)
      I rather mixed my metaphors in this small stone - texture, seasoning - but you got what I was trying to do! Thank you x

  3. i love everything about this post and i'm borrowing that awesome quote. thank you, lovely lady, for sharing yourself!

  4. You are oh so welcome, dear Anca :)
    How's your beautiful girl??


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