7 January 2014

Day 7...

... of Mindful Writing Challenge.

Today, Satya suggested 'you could write a small stone about what is happening right NOW', so...

Cloud-thoughts scud across my mind
on this grey, windy day...
from despair to hope 
and back again, 
stopping briefly at every
station in-between.

But I've actually disembarked at Hope as this was my card today :)


  1. Yes, hope! Hope can only be with despair - I am glad your way let you to hope! What a beautiful proverb, too.

  2. Wind swept skies here too. But my day was hopeful, so far at least, despite having had only four hours of sleep.

    My thoughts exactly - about the mulberry leaf! I am very busy making leaves these days (my humble awkward creations for LifeBook), and eventually, they will lead my soul to something beautiful….


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