3 March 2014

Word for the Week

Another cracking word for this coming week pulled from the bag of Mary Lunnen's Rediscovery Cards

I do love beginnings - a new season, a new book, a new project... The surge of energy, interest, anticipation... can't beat it!

And as Lent starts on Wednesday, I'll be starting a new practice this week - I'll share more tomorrow :-)

This will be a short post today, as I get my botox injections at 9 am. 

I get two shots in my right bicep, then 4 more shots in different muscles in my forearm. It's to relax the high-tone muscles in my paralyzed right arm. It hurts like heck for a few days, but then the botox kicks in, and the arm - and indeed the rest of the right side of my body - relaxes... ah, bliss!!

I'll leave you with a few photos showing why the dark green background of the card is THE perfect colour for this time of year - enjoy!

PS Do scroll down and see this week's Giveaway...


  1. What beautiful, beautiful photos! I too love beginnings, especially spring.

    Good luck with the bottom jags, really glad they help though I'm sorry to hear it's unpleasant getting them :-\

  2. Hope your sweet relief kicks in soon claire. Spring is on it's way xx

  3. Mmmmm, green. My favourite colour.
    I love this idea of having a new word each week.
    Good luck with those jabs.
    Big hugs
    Cally x

  4. Some lovely pictures there, warms the heart!

  5. Can't wait to see green again... the snow has been around far too long. Hope you feel better after the jabs are done

  6. Hi Claire,

    The shots are worth it as they give you much needed relief after a few days. I read your profile and it tells me so much about you, without saying it in words. What a strong, resilient person you are!

    I love your word for the week. I enjoy seeing green - little bulbs pushing up through the soil. We finally had a nice day of rain and some snow here yesterday. We need every bit of moisture we get. Unfortunately we've had so many wildfires that we don't really see that much green on our mountains. The aspen trees are the first to return and they are so beautiful.

    I hope you got my contact information last evening. I couldn't find my charge cord for my computer so I did it from my phone - not crazy about doing it that way but that's what I had to do.

    I'm tickled pink that my name was drawn for the necklace. Thank you so much! And someone else is going to win that lovely mixed media book! You are such a generous person!


  7. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hi Claire! Green would be so lovely to see soon especially after having another mini ice storm yesterday. Thanks for showing these pictures. I wish you the best on your botox shots and pray you won't be in too much pain. Have a great day.

  8. I hope the injections work well for you...good there is such a thing to help those muscles relax.
    Beginnings are always so much fun, the gathering of supplies, the planning, the dreaming....always the most fun!

  9. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Beautiful green! Thanks for the tease (we are still in the throes of winter), though it gives me something to look forward to...


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