31 March 2014

Suddenly realized it's the last day of March!! So here's this month's Taking Stock (thanks to Pip Lincolne for the list!)

Making time to rest - my poor body's been through it this month...

Cooking - Nick made his special fried rice for dinner - full of colourful and tasty ingredients - YUM!

Drinking  the usual... water with a slice of lemon...

Reading several copies of The New Yorker sent by my lovely friend in Santa Barbara, CA

Wanting a good night's sleep

Looking forward to a dear friend's wedding on Saturday

Playing Elbow's new CD (and yes, I have a wee crush on Guy Garvey - such a poet!)

Wasting nothing - enjoying every moment of feeling better!

Sowing seeds of kindness...

Wishing for good weather on Saturday - fingers and toes crossed!

Enjoying the new series of Endeavour, which started last night - a great concept brilliantly done!

Waiting for a burst of energy to tackle the chaos on my desk...

Liking the longer days (we changed our clocks to BST at the weekend)

Wondering what we'll have for Easter Sunday lunch (only 3 weeks to go...)

Loving my magnificent magnolia in full bloom

Hoping the weather holds, so the mass of buds can keep opening...

Marvelling that something so exotic can thrive in our wee back garden

Needing a good night's sleep

Smelling everything (esp. the magnolia!!) - enjoying every moment of a non-congested nose :-)

Wearing my favourite comfy clothes - a light wool tunic and leggings

Following the ascent of my beloved Liverpool FC to the top of the Premier League - not yet daring to hope they could actually win it for the first time in 25 years - 6 more matches to go till the end of the season...

Noticing how tired I am (it's now 9.20pm)

Knowing I need to go to bed very soon

Thinking nothing - my brain needs a rest

Bookmarking some wonderfully beautiful creations on Etsy

Opening my eyes wider - they're threatening to droop...

Giggling/Smiling at the memories of yesterday - a lovely family lunch with my dad and brother (it was Dad's birthday AND Mother's Day), followed by a family trip around Belton House

Feeling so much better and so grateful for that!


  1. a good night's sleep will do your body wonders...not to mention just make you feel better all over. so glad you're feeling better.

  2. Hi Claire, it's good to have you back. I think I figured out how to post as teandpaper, but the onewaterlily gave me luck with the necklace. Your magnolias are gorgeous!

  3. I too have a teeny tiny crush on Guy Garvey - he seems such a lovely man. We are happy-dancing as we are going to the Liverpool Elbow gig in 11 days time YAY! We went to see the band a couple of years back in a small club in Paris and now the Echo Arena! From one extreme to the other.

    Glad to see you back blogging & I hope your cold didn't take too much out of you.

    PS We also love "Endeavour" - it's Morse-ish enough to feel familiar, but different enough to keep an interest. It's also interesting watching how Morse-things came into being (the limp, the car etc)


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