10 March 2014

First Monday of Lent and Word for the Week

Duccio Di Buoninsegna (c.1260-1318), The Marriage Feast at Cana

This is one of my favourite Bible stories, ever since childhood! It was magical to a kid, Jesus turning water into wine :-)

Then, in my Oxford interview (aged 17 and VERY scared and nervous), one of the interviewers (there were three) tossed a Greek New Testament at me and barked, 'Translate the page on which it falls open!' *gulp*

Yes, it was John 2, and I can't pretend I knew all the Greek, but I did know the story verbatim, so I calmly 'translated' :-D 
And while they didn't show it, I think they were quietly impressed by this Northern girl from a rural school, and I'm sure that's why I got in - and later enjoyed the best 3 years ever as a student!


Word for the Week

Can you believe the card I drew from Mary's Rediscovery Cards to ponder this coming week??

Well, what d'ya know? Weddings are fun (a dear friend is getting married for the first time next month - can't wait!), and while Lent doesn't have a reputation of being fun, the story above certainly does! It shows the miracle of abundance, overflowing generosity as gallons and gallons of water are turned into wine :-)

And even though, I'm not a PINK kinda gal, I do think the card's an eye-popping, fun colour - exuding life and exuberance!

(had fun saturating the colour on these lilies!)
(found this photo in my archive - can't remember why I gathered all the pink things I could find...)

And to be honest, after the pains of last week, I'm ready to have some

PS Don't forget to scroll down and see this week's fun Giveaway...


  1. A bit of Divine intervention with the pages opening to that passage....perhaps.

  2. That's really interesting, reading about your Oxford story, I love hearing wee snippets of people's past like that, I really do. Also, I did smile to see the Duccio painting illustrating this post ... I remember in 6th year in school learning Art History and this particluar work was used as an example of how the Renaissance guys didn't really get perspective at first.

    And of course "Fun" ... This is so uplifting! The pink suits it perfectly. I have quite a lot of pink tops actually, and a pink handbag, and a pink passport cover. I'm quite a pink person ;-) And I LOVE pink flowers!

  3. Fun is good. My word for Lent is "Gratitude" and I'm joining in with 40Acts (http://www.40acts.org.uk/) It's turning out to be challenging, but fun too!

  4. Fun is a great word and your Hot Pink shots were fun. Such pretty flowers.

  5. Beautiful! I was about to write that I'm not a 'pink' person either - then I remembered choosing pink paint for my bedroom at about 11 years old, and wallpaper with rosebuds. Then since the brilliant pink passionflower became my emblem for Dare to Blossom I have chosen a pink purse and various other pink items - and I wear deep pink sometimes too. I love your University story too. Have lots of fun this week (and every week?)

  6. Isn't it amazing to see where God has been present in your life. I look back and see my closest walk with Him was when I had cancer. I know I had a choice yet for me I felt it was the only choice I personally had. I was literally at a crossroads. I felt that if I was healed and lived, He got the glory, which He did and does. If I died, it was a perfect healing. People who hear that story, ask me if that was the way I felt at the time. You bet it was!

    I always have like pink - more of a pastel. Yet I have such pale skin tones that pastels do not look well on me. I love blue. My first husband told me that if he didn't go shopping with me all my clothes would be blue AND sailor - even the clothes I made for myself. My favorite dress in high school was a wool flannel dress that was baby blue. It had an empire waist, long sleeves, and a sailor collar. I wore and wore that dress. It lasted through college, too. Now that I am a breast cancer survivor, I find more pink creeping into my wardrobe. Now that I dabble in quilting, I find that I try to add more colors to quilts, too. When I made a quilt for someone else, I try to use colors I think the recipient would like rather than colors that I like.

    I am enjoying your posts about the Lenten season. I am using a sermon journal from church and they are often very close with the message of the day. Very good reinforcement.

    I pray you are having a better week and you do have some fun. I enjoyed your story of translation. Greek is a mystery to me. I was a Latin minor in college.


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