7 March 2014

Friday after Ash Wednesday

Eugene Delacroix, The Good Samaritan (1849)

We are never alone on the road...


  1. Claire - praying for tender mercies for you each day. I really needed the reminder that we are never alone on the road. I was in extreme pain for over 5 hours last night with probable kidney stones (that's longer than the labor of both my children combined). I was lying on the bathroom floor and very, very ill. All I could do was call out for His help. The issue is still unresolved and today looks much brighter. Praying that you find Peace and healing and you are not alone.

    1. You poor, poor thing! Have you been able to see a doctor? I've never had kidney stones, but I once passed out from the pain of a kidney infection, so I can imagine the pain you were in...
      You, too, are in my prayers - we can carry each other in prayer along the road **gentle hugs**

  2. Comforting to know we are not alone.

  3. It is wonderful to know we are not alone, that He is always with us. He has been my strength and my faith is in Him each and every day especially since losing my dear husband 9 Dec 2012.

    May you feel love and peace ~ FlowerLady


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