15 March 2014

First Saturday in Lent

Angelica Kauffmann, Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well (1796)

Yesterday's images didn't inspire me, but today's certainly does! It's of a favourite Bible story (John 4.1--26) AND it's painted by a woman - a double hit!! 

It's a favourite for it shows Jesus engaging in serious theological discussion with a woman (gosh!), a foreign woman (golly!), and a 'sinner' (gasp!). It shows how he sought out the outsider, the 'least' of society to connect with at the deepest level - he knew her past, present and future, and revealed his true nature to her.

And I enjoyed learning about the artist here and here - I'm not a fan of the Neoclassical, but I can appreciate her skill and I love that she was a foundation member of the Royal Academy!


  1. Oh yes, that's a good story and I like pictures of Angelica Kauffmann.
    How are you?
    (I miss you and I have some concern, or are you make a simply blog break?)

  2. This is a great painting and, like you, it is the way in which Jesus is engaging the woman which struck me most.


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