9 March 2014

Giveaway 7 (winner drawn 16 March at 11am GMT) and Giveaway 6 winner

Oh my, the weeks are whizzing by... which means I AM getting closer to my half-century *gulp*

Much better to focus on loveliness like giving away pretty things :-)

And this week's jewellery Giveaway IS pretty - and unusual...

It's a handmade silver pendant with a ginkgo leaf impressed into the silver. In the Far East, the ginkgo is the symbol of longevity, hope, resilience and peace - how beautiful is that??

As you can see, the pendant is almost an inch in diameter and on the back is the artisan's stamp and a hallmark to show it is fine silver. It hangs on an olive-coloured leather cord about 18" in length with a small silver lobster clasp.

If you'd like to win this pretty, symbolic necklace, leave a comment below, and I'll draw the winner next Sunday, 16 March at 11 am GMT 

Giveaway 6 winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my sixth giveaway - this beautiful sketchbook.

There were 26 entries and, using an online random number generator, the winner is comment no. 4
Congratulations, Alexandra!!

If you can email me your snail mail address (using the Contact Form in the sidebar, as the email link on my Profile doesn't seem to work...), I'll get this treasure in the post to you this week :-)


  1. And, if you have high blood pressure, you shouldn't take ginko tablets, caps or extract. It's a beautiful pendant, very well done.

    1. That's good to know - thank you! Not that I've ever had high pressure, thank goodness - how I had a stroke, nobody knows!!

  2. Anonymous12:41 pm

    What a lovely pendant. I have just been exploring your blog here and I love what I read. I am so glad I found you.
    Hugs and Sparkles

  3. We have a beautiful Ginko tree in the middle of our downtown area. Every fall it puts on it's shimmering yellow ball gown to our delight. Love the shape of the leaves.

  4. Congratulations to Alexandra!
    Than you Claire for another fabulous giveaway!

  5. Anonymous2:13 am

    A beautiful pendant and how lovely to have the opportunity to participate in your drawing. I have just discovered your blog, and it is such a pleasure and a joy--inspiring! Your blog is a wonderful sharing.

  6. Beautiful pendant Claire. We have a small ginko tree in our garden. It seems to grow very slowly and I have to keep remembering to go and 'visit' and see how it is (will do that tomorrow!). We also saw ginko trees last autumn planted in Exmouth (Devon) town centre, with the beautiful colour that Mosaic Maggie mentioned. There are some huge old trees in some of the grand Cornish gardens such as Heligan and Trebah. May whoever wins this be blessed with longevity, hope, resilience and peace.

  7. i love ginkoes!! i ahve one in my garden...and it turns yellow every autumn, giving me such great and happy thoughts...

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th, gorgeous pendant, cheers Robyn

  9. Hi Claire, you have so many beautiful stuff in your blog, I can get lost in here! I'm using my blogger account, seems there is a problem when I use my wordpress.

  10. There is a fantastical hug Ginko Tree in a garden in Chichester. It looks wonderful at all times of the year. I believe it is very elderly.
    I would love a chance to win this magical pendent.

  11. Beautiful pendent, and congratulation to you for the lovely sunshine you received in envelopes! It is amazing to me how much something in the mail can change a whole days outlook. As for ginko, here in WA state we have the Petrified Ginko Forest and it's fabulous to visit. There is something peaceful in the shape and image of a ginko leaf. Enjoy your week and thank for having such nice giveaways. (and congratulations Alexandria).

  12. That is a beautiful necklace! Oh, I hope I win it! Crossing my fingers!

  13. Congrats to Alexandra -- I bet she will make a masterpiece out of this journal! :)

    Claire, thanks for the chance to win this unique necklace -- the gingko pendant is wonderful.


  14. I like Ginko and often go to visit one tree here in town...
    It's really a nice and unusual jewel.

  15. I've recently started silversmithing and so know this is a lovely piece. I love ginko leaves. If you open some of my books then several pressed leaves will probably fall out. :)

  16. This is a beautiful necklace, and to know that the gingko tree symbolizes long life makes it even more significant.

  17. The shape of the ginkgo leaves has always interest me. The boys had to to a tree identification project in 7th grade. We found the prefect ginkgo tree in a nature preserve.Lovely pendent.

  18. The ginkgo is a favourite motif in the Arts and Crafts movement. The comments about gingko trees have me wondering if I could grow a tree here.

  19. What a beautiful necklace! I love your blog, when I need to settle down and breathe I come to your blog to see what words of wisdom you have. :)


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