4 August 2014

Word for the Week

A powerful Word for this week drawn from my Rediscovery Cards...

My first thought was 'Ummmm, not sure what I think about this word...' with its Darwinian past and imperialist overtones, i.e. white Victorian males are the pinnacle of creation(!)

But looking at the dictionary definition from the Latin evolvere 'to unroll, open, unfold' gave me a different image... of unrolling the scroll of a life story, the opening, unfolding of a flower's petals from a bud to a full bloom... And it's an ongoing action word, a present participle, a state of Be-ing...

Moreover, the rich, dark green background is the same colour used for Beginnings and Patience, which is just perfect - There must be a Beginning, and then a Patient Evolving...

Cultivate the root, the leaves and branches will take care of themselves.

This quote was used in yesterday's prompt from Lisa Sonora and her Root 30-day journal project which I'm currently doing. I've been realizing for the past few weeks that my Root lies deep in my Silent Centre. 

In response to July's Full Moon Dreamboard, I asked Liz Lamoreux to make this mantra talisman for me

I'm realizing that every decision I make begins here - deep within - and I need to listen hard to the Silence that's rooted in my Soul, as I know every branch and leaf, every thought, every action is Evolving from this Root...

One of the BIG things that's already evolving is my decision to commit to this AMAZING project 'A Year and a Day - Crafting the Book of You' which starts in October (there's a button in my sidebar). There are still places left if you wanted to join me on this incredible journey of discovery... Connecting with Angel through a mutual friend is just the beginning, and I can't wait to see what Evolves :-)


  1. Hi Claire, lovely talisman! I'm reading "The book of Silence" from Sara Maitland, about the journey to find silence. It's great, I'm sure can help you to listen to the silence. I'm reading the Lotus and Lily, I'm loving it. Have a great week!

    1. Yes, love Sara Maitland's stuff. I read that book a couple of years ago - maybe it's time to revisit it - thanks for the reminder :)
      And so glad you're enjoying the Lotus and the Lily!!

  2. So beautifully written, Claire! What a perfect word, too!!! Looking forward to seeing what this week brings.... and beyond that, what our coming year brings! Thanks so much for sharing *A Year and a Day*... super appreciated <3


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