31 August 2014

Sunday thoughts...

Yesterday was the end of the ROOT 30-day journal project, which I have thoroughly enjoyed! I've kept all the emails in a separate folder, as I think I'll revisit it each year - to help me clarify what's what in my overily busy brain!

I have also been doing this...

This was a freebie in my new favourite magazine Flow, and was full of good questions and cool illustrations...

I especially love the 'coffee stains' - so realistic!!

What has come out of doing these two 30-day journal exercises has been my desire/need to write each day... As the physical demands and mechanics of writing are getting easier, and I'm getting more used to being a leftie, my deep inner connection to writing is getting stronger. I used to journal every day, and was doing just that when the stroke hit 7 years ago...

So, I have a plan for September, and I'll share thoughts here as they develop :-)


And I also want to share these beauties...

They are to be my Year and a Day journals, and I have to be good and resist writing in them until 23 October *gulp*

They're roughly 9" x 7" - a standard A5 is just not quite large enough for me nowadays and A4 is too big to handle one-handed.

They have the creamiest, smoothest paper and a page ribbon *sigh*

... and...

... THE home of beautiful marbled paper, rich leather and the best bookbinding in the world, IMHO ;-)

And I found them in a local toy shop (go figure!!). But the best bit was the price - hence I got two - as there's roughly 100 thick pages in each (200 sides), which should cover writing a side-a-day for 366 days, with room to write more, if the Muse so inspires...


  1. Spec-TAC-ular... well done! :-)

  2. I do find beautiful stationery hard to resist - and I think it's great to have somewhere beautiful to record one's thoughts. I wish I had the self discipline to journal every day...I will just have to admire your wise words instead.

  3. Those are GORGEOUS journals. I've never been very successful at journaling...until I started blogging. I think it's the feedback that I get from others that helps me stick with it.

    1. I think you're right, Kath, certainly I like the interaction too :) But I've found I need to journal privately to get down the tangled thoughts in my head so I can think more clearly and calmly before I put words out into the ether... Writing with pen and paper has always soothed me in a way pecking at a keyboard can't :) x

  4. I can almost feel the texture through your descriptions. They'll be inspirational for your pen and words!


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