23 August 2014

Focus on Life Week 34: About the ground

To quote Sally: 'This week draw your focus about the ground you may be surprised at what you find'.

So I draw your attention to this wee churchyard...

There are no surprises here for us - it's the church where my parents married, where I was christened, where hubby and I were married, and where our first baby rests...

She would have been 21 tomorrow, can you believe??
Never known, Always loved, my lovely...


  1. It looks a lot like the church yards we were wandering around in in Wales this spring, my husband was taking pictures of all his 'relatives' graves... ie graves with his cousins names on them.... I'm sure August 24th is always a sad day, I know I had a hard time on mom;s birthday last month she would have been 91

  2. What a poignant post. Thanks for sharing such a difficult memory.

  3. A beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing this touching story.

  4. I love it when you post this church - it's so beautiful. Although it made me cry, this is a beautiful tribute to your little baby girl. I can't imagine how hard this is, even 21 years later. Thank you for sharing and know we are all thinking of you this week!!

  5. So hard to imagine losing a child you already loved. Beautiful photo tribute.

  6. No words. Just sending a hug.

  7. Claire, this is so poignant. I loved visiting your Church which has been a part of your family history and special memories.
    Hugs to you all from Australia
    Wren x

  8. As always, a thoughtful and thought provoking post - thank you for your wise words. God bless you.

  9. I don't know what to say...I'd like to send a tight hug too. xoxo

    Have a nice Wednesday.

  10. Also no words... but a great big (gentle) energetic hug to you & yours <3


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