5 August 2014

Tuesday thoughts...

I've just finished this book, and I'm pondering much in my journal... working out what's evolving in my own spirituality...

Nimue's quite a writer. Here's a sample of her poetry from Beyond the Map - all I can say is WOW!!

Onion Woman

Asked once in play
My totem vegetable
I said onion.

The layers are pulled
Skin long since gone
Now flesh follows.

Circles of my life
Rings I’d created
Dared to cherish.

Another layer prised
Forced from me

How big am I?
Are there skins enough
To weather this?

Will I be stripped
And torn away
Into non-existence?

Today’s peeling
Leaves me soul naked
Yesterday’s too much.

Tomorrow or tomorrow
They find the heart
And still it.

The layers of giving
Are gone
Circles of trust.

Hope peeled off
Belief with it
Confidence shredded.

Bring your knives
All are welcome
None refused.

This I deserve
For my onion nature
Makes people cry.

Nimue Brown
(shared with permission)

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  1. interesting...Onion woman..and the tears..never though of that before :)..happy Wednesday..


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