11 June 2014


I've still got a clean and tidy desk :-) But I've now added a new chair bought on Saturday, as my body's more stable these days and finally I can cope with an office chair with wheels...

I can now scoot between the desk and the art cupboard - hooray for me!!

On the desk is my first project on the newly tidied desk...

I took this £1 lined journal, which I got from the Craft Discount store on our anniversary shopping trip back in April, and revamped the cover...

Much more me :)

I'm using it every day as I work through The Lotus and the Lily (there's a button in the sidebar). The quote at the top reads,

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
Ella Fitzgerald

And I used a tag which I've had for simply ages (I never throw paper stuff away!) which reads: 'wishing you fresh inspiration each day!' as a bookmark. I think it's from a postcard swap from the other year reading the note on the other side - thanks Maggie :-)

I hope to visit more desks gathered over at Julia's than I managed last week... fingers crossed...

PS This is why I love Etsy sooo much...

This arrived yesterday beautifully wrapped by Susie

It's a handmade BIG folio sketchbook I ordered at the weekend...

I'm going to have so much fun slapping paint on these big, beautiful, Saunders Waterford hand-poured pages!


  1. Anonymous8:38 am

    I love the large format book. I can appreciate a small one, don't get me wrong, but I do so like "room to play" :) Like you, every week I hope to get to more desks but life conspires against me :) When I find a bit of spare time, then there is no Mr Linky, like today! DOH!

    Enjoy your new stash - always such fun, isn't it? having new stuff to play with....

    Mary Anne (no number yet)

  2. Anonymous8:39 am

    Forgot - your auto fill info when you comment links to your wordpress blog, not your blogger one. Just FYI :)

    MA (again)

  3. I am getting ready to go to bed but haven't linked yet. I think the posts Julia set up aren't coming up as she set them up. Thank you for stopping by my desk and commenting...I always enjoy hearing from other WOYWW'ers. Vickie

  4. Claire,

    Such a tidy desk and a fantastic chair, the body wont complain now about sitting in that chair is will complain when you get out of it. Have fun with your new journal.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Happy WOYWW

  5. The chair looks good and so does that new sketchbook. Happy days xxx

  6. Hello Claire. Thanks for visiting already - we are having fun whilst the headmistress is playing hookey, aren't we? Probably going to a load of different desks this week. I think that chair is great - enjoy scooting around on it!! I've just looked at your 45 things about me... our home is full of books too. Great isn't it, to simply be able to dip in and out of literature. I, too read theology - but not at Oxford - Matlock. You are doing so well. It's brilliant!
    Have a special week.
    Margaret (no number yet)

  7. It is so good to see you making more progress still and it must make you feel so good. Thank you for joining my followers, you are very welcome and I hope you enjoy what you see here. Keep scooting and grab every bit of fun you can. xx Maggie

  8. Your cleaned off desk inspires me to clean mine off, and my work surface space too.

    I love that quote by Ella.

    Enjoy your journal, your sketchbook and your new chair.


  9. Hi Claire, thanks for the earlier visit.
    What a nice chair, I love having wheels on ANYTHING! Beautiful journals just waiting for some fun.
    In case you haven't heard about Julia here is a link to LLJ blog that will explain the no link

    Have a great week

  10. Great quote. I can just imagine you whizzing round on your new chair! x Jo

  11. Great chair I can almost imagine you scooting around your craft room to music ... Of course. Enjoy your journals

  12. Your desk looks wonderfully tidy - but for how long, lol lol lol. Thank you so much for mentioning the journal (and me) in your post, much appreciated. I just know you're going to do some wonderful artwork in it! Hugs etc

  13. Thanks for popping by my blog & sorry it has taken me a few days to reply - have no idea where time goes but it sure does fly! I saw a wonderful journal at the WOYWW crop and was so inspired to start one - have always wanted to but never had the courage! I am starting small and got a little journal but have yet to open it and Have A Go! I see lots of those notebooks (the one with the roses on the cover that you altered) and had never thought of using those - shall be sure to get some when next I see them! You certainly have made fantastic progress in your recovery and what a lot you have been through ... wishing you well! Love Debbie xXx

  14. Sorry I'm so late visiting you back, Claire. Great desk, all tidy and all ready for you to play with that marvelous new sketch book!! Enjoy, and enjoy the new chair, too!! Thank you for coming to my place; I hope to see you again!! Hugs, Darnell


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