13 June 2014

Friday 13th - A goddess day :)

Thirteen is the number of the goddess, of abundance, of giving over and above (as in a baker's dozen - 13 rolls instead of 12), hence there is NOTHING unlucky about today!!

And to confirm my conviction, the title of Day 13 in The Lotus and the Lily (pp. 70-73) is 'your grandself! Janet explains:

Just as the honorific Grandmother captures a higher, wiser expression of the motherly qualities of love and grace, and Grandfather resonates with a higher expression of the fatherly qualities of wisdom and protection, GrandSelf resonates with the higher expression of the soul. (p. 71)

Now, this actual term 'GrandSelf' doesn't particularly chime/resonate with me... I prefer my word 'SoulSelf', but the definition is essentially the same. It is the higher, wiser Self who dwells within me... She has to share the space with my Ego (sigh), who always wants to speak first, act first, but I'm learning if I can just pause, breathe, before I act or speak, I can give my SoulSelf chance to step forward, and to speak...

She is the Divine Spark within me - the One to whom I need to give a moment, a second, a chance for her Spark to catch, to light the touch paper of my own inner, divine wisdom...

And amazingly (not!), I pulled this card from the bag today

And this is what The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot book says of the Lady of Air (p.83):

As a shrewd* judge and honest guardian of independence, you are a mother of life who speaks as a friend.
Use your shrewd* perception to see into the heart of things.. Offer your guidance or judgment. Draw upon your past difficult experiences to make things better, rather than to transmit any pain to the present.

Amen to that!!

*I prefer the words 'wise' or 'discerning' to 'shrewd'


  1. Friday 13 and full moon, a lot of energy today. Thanks Claire for the lovely post. I've ordered Janet's books, I can't wait for them to be here. My public library didn't have them. Happy friday to you!

    1. I hope you enjoy them! I have certainly learnt A LOT, and her e-courses are very good - she is a wise teacher :)
      Blessings on this auspicious day xx

  2. love this! thank you, claire. i can feel this energy today for sure.

  3. Love your post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. It was a great day with awesome energy!


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