4 June 2014

More thoughts...

... on yesterday's and today's readings from The Lotus and the Lily on being my own priest/shaman and creating my own ritual (pp. 17-26).

Reading this book throughout June, and pulling a card from The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot are daily rituals in themselves. Also, every day I tear a page from my 2014 calendar, and here's today's...

... rather appropriate as it's pouring down today!!

And here's today's card...

... again rather appropriate as the whole point of ritual - or spiritual practice, if you prefer - is union between the human and the Divine. 

I've always felt more at home with the mystics, rather than the established Church, as they always knew they could have union with the Divine without an intermediary. They instinctively knew they were their own priests/shamans...

I recently joined Flock - a gathering of like-minded souls hosted by Rachelle Mee-Chapman - and the month of June's 'ritual' is about preparing for the Summer Solstice and letting more light into our days - and our lives. Rachelle encouraged us to make our own June altar, and here's mine

The focus is a painting I recently purchased from Tara Leaver's Studio Sale - a piece I've had my eye on for months!! These four words are very powerful to me, as I seek/crave Inner Peace, Outer Purpose...

Lighting a candle is always a ritual for me, as my natural, default state is quite dark and melancholy. Yet I always know I can access light and hope, as even a stuttering candle flame is enough to dispel darkness and make light and hope my focus.

And each day, as I draw a card, I place it on this simple altar... Today's card is perfect for my desire to have union with the Divine, the Light, and my desire for Inner Peace, Outer Purpose. This simple ritual has great meaning as I place these things in my line of sight as a physical reminder throughout this month of my inner hopes and dreams...


  1. So inspiring! Especially as the rain is coming down in buckets here...

    1. Thank you! We crossed in the ether - I was leaving you a comment :) x

  2. I always seem to light more candles here in winter - which is now. like you they become a focus in dark moments of the soul. Inspiring post Claire.

  3. Thank you Claire - so many good things here I'd like to explore, so I'll be reading again to follow them up. And I love your prayer for today. x

  4. Nice Claire, one of my challenges for june is to do a meditation, draw a card, and light a candle everymorning. But I didn't remember about the comiing solstice, now reading your post I see the relation.

  5. I was just at Tara Leavers site and ended up here to read about your alter. I am new to all of this. Not the art part but the reading and posting on peoples blogs part.

    I love how you speak of your desire for union with the Divine, the Light. I too, have been praying a lot recently for Inner Peace and OUter Purpose. I pray for more understanding and patience. I have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing yourself and your thoughts with us.


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