22 June 2014

Sunday thoughts...

Day 22 of The Lotus and the Lily is called 'Connect to Power' (p. 133), and it starts with this quote...

We were created to be creators.
John O'Donohue

... which couldn't be more perfect as tomorrow I start a 6-week online course called 'Unearth Gather Create: An e-course in creating art that resonates' (there's a button in my sidebar) - and I can't wait!!!

And the way to connect to that creative power is by acknowledging 

I am a spark of the Divine.

I was created to create. I have the power to create. (p. 134)

Now, I am not the greatest advocate of the power of affirmations as the 'manifesting' gurus claim - I'm just not convinced saying something makes it so... But I do think there is something to be said for intentions, which is Janet's focus in this section of TLATL.

And as if to 'confirm' this, I pulled this card today...

It's da Vinci's study of the Virgin's hand, and this is what the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot book says about this card., quoting from da Vinci's notebooks:

The actions of hands and arms must be connected to the intention of the mind that moves them. Whoever has a sympathetic understanding will follow the lead of his intentions in the motions of his hands. Unmotivated gestures look empty and meaningless, but through the fusion of the body with the mind, gestures become significant. (p. 118)

'Unmotivated gestures look empty and meaningless...' how true is that, on so many levels???

And, I can honestly say I am very motivated to learn many things in the next few weeks on this e-course (I've even created a new blog page tab called 'Unearth' that's empty at the moment - ready and waiting...)

And to show another aspect of 'intentions', here's me 'intently' working on a drawing the other day... Clearly, working with my left hand - even after 7 years - still demands my full attention!!!

photo by Kate Robinson at The Queen of Creativity


  1. Since we are a spark of God, it only makes sense that we would be creative.

    Love seeing you intently creating. Enjoy your E-course.


  2. Have fun with your new course, I have just been visiting Kate and have enjoyed her posts from England and Ireland, looks like you two had a fun, creative time together.
    Have a brill week
    Wren x

  3. Oh, wonderful you! What a beautiful post this is, and I am so happy for you that you will be starting on this e-course tomorrow… I hope you will have loads of fun and inspiration!

  4. My book is here, and I'm enjoying every minute with it. Thanks Claire!


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