2 June 2014

Word for the Week

Phew! Finally back to blogging and more or less feeling back to 'normal'... 
My sinuses are still congested, and my energy reserves depleted, but I'm ready to start a new month (Hello June!), and a new week...

This week's card pulled from the bag of Mary Lunnen's Rediscovery Cards is this lovely, lovely word

I am a perpetual student and nothing gives more pleasure than learning something - and I just LOVE that purple background :-)

It just so happens to be the same colour as the title of the book I started reading yesterday...

... and this is book I'll be reading each day in June. 

I adored Janet's first book and was lucky enough to study online with her last year. She is a very wise woman, and I just know I will learn/experience/change A LOT working through this 30-day Soul Programme (sorry, I'm a Brit and there are only computer programs!) 

My hope is to post most days with snippets of what I'm reading/learning so far...

It's just so good to be back blogging again - I've missed you all!!

And I'd love to know what this new Word for the Week means to you...

What have you been learning so far this year? Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2014??!!


  1. Oh yes, learning… I am learning every day now, from caring for my mother, from reading, from watching my cats, from being outside, just looking at the world and all the small creatures scuttling about in my garden - which has been turned into a big sand box last week to build my mothers house...

  2. Lifelong learning is VITAL. You might as well just give up and wither away without it. I don't like learning for exams, so glad I'm done with that, but I'm always reading-and-learning ... It keeps me going :-)

  3. As you see I'm doing a catch up with your posts!


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