2 June 2014


Day 2 (p. 11, The Lotus and the Lily
Today's entry was all about not being alone... Janet is a big believer in angels and guides, I'm less so...

I do believe we can 'entertain angels unawares' - usually a fellow human helping us in some way - but I'm cautious about those who claim to receive angelic messages...

I'm also open to animals helping humans, and the bond many of us share with out pets is deeply special and difficult to describe in words...

And yes, I do use tarot/oracle cards on a regular basis - not to see into the future (why would I want to?), but to gain insight/perspective on the present.

Yesterday, I dug out a tarot deck I've had for years, and today I drew not one, but two cards stuck together...

... the Three of Air (Trials), showing da Vinci's sketch of St Sebastian, and the Six of Fire (Victory) showing his study of the Trivulzio monument.

Clearly, Life in a nutshell - trials and victories, two sides of the same coin... can we have one without the other?? Most days are a mixture of both, large and small trials and victories, hardship and joy... Most days I vacillate between feeling totally alone, and knowing I am deeply connected...

But always I close my eyes at the end of the day, with a grateful heart and a prayer on my lips...


  1. Trials and victories! Definitely the stuff which makes up our days.

    For me, God is my strength and I am learning and growing more in His grace with each new day. I am not perfect, I am being perfected.

    Being grateful blesses us and brings Him joy.


  2. I also use tarot cards to gain an insight to the present ... If they forecast the future, well, it's something I can't "see" and I don't know if I want to, to be honest. But as a tool for looking at the present and past with different lenses, I love it.

  3. Hi Claire
    Got to see you are back to blogging twice in two days - way to go!
    Hope you are feeling completely better soon - go on pick another card!
    Wren x

  4. Wonderful to see you back

  5. So good to see you're back! Same thoughts here about the Angels… and our bonds with our pets..., and Tarot… I do believe a spread can tell something about the future, though. I mean that it can tell you how your life may develop if you continue your present behaviour, or if you change it this way, or that. But not in the sense that the future is preset and fixed, and can therefore be predicted.

  6. I'll see if I can get this book, looks interesting!


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