5 June 2014


Today's card, which is now placed on my June altar, and today's entry in The Lotus and the Lily is 'write your own prayer' (p.27).

Most of the time, my prayers are not verbal... they are deeply connected to my breathing...

So for today I verbalized, as I lit the candle and placed today's card on my altar:

Gentle Spirit, your renewing power in only ever a breath away...

Breathe in Light,
Breathe out despair.
Breathe in Renewal,
Breathe out exhaustion.
Breathe in Peace,
Breathe out turmoil.

May I be blessed with Inner Peace, Outer Purpose.



  1. What a lovely prayer! Very energizing, yet peaceful.

  2. Lovely, authentic and powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes, serene is the word for it!


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