29 September 2014

Word for the Week

Well, the card I pulled this morning from my Rediscovery Pack feels like a real nudge in the ribs... maybe even a sharp jab, because it is the last thing I feel like...

This week, I am a mama nursing a fragile heart - our son went away to uni on Saturday, and I'm experiencing that 'lost limb' sensation that I've heard other parents describe when a child leaves home for the first time...

I am so pleased for him - he was so ready! And I am really proud of him, and really excited for him - I LOVED my uni days!!! But oh, my heart hurts, and I'm struggling to smile, let alone laugh!

Our gorgeous kids taken last week on Sam's 19th birthday

I find it oh-so-interesting that the background is the same colour as this Word... I guess Laughter will greatly help the 'Emerging' process... As the saying goes it is 'the best medicine' and 'the earth laughs in flowers'...

I will endeavour to keep this Word at the forefront of my mind this week, but the truth is I feel I still need to sit with the loss... to know it, to own it... So that when I DO laugh, it will be full-hearted and not hollow.

I'd love to know what you think of this week's Word - what makes you laugh? And also, what do you think about laughing when your heart is aching...?


  1. What a word to come to you when you are having a sad time! Laughter will ring loud and true as you heal from this change in family dynamics. Having one leave home doesn't mean they won't be back. Your son is handsome and your daughter lovely.

    Laughter is something that rang in our little cottage here between dear husband and myself, and with him being gone, to his heavenly home, it has been much quieter here on the home front. With time though, laughter now happens here on occasion. Sometimes it's remembering things he said or did, or Miss Tork, our indoor feline cracks me up with her antics, or talking with widow friends on the phone. Little answered prayers have made me laugh right out loud too, because God cares.

    Love, hugs and laughter to you dear Clarie ~ FlowerLady

  2. You do have two beautiful children. Holding you in my heart as Sam ventures out to explore what his life will become. The same holds true for you as you navigate your world with this new loss that is always a part of parenting. Lucky you, that you have Esther still. Waves of hugs and love coming your way.

  3. Your children have such open, happy faces! I agree that you need to feel your loss, to own it. My prayer for you is that you find beauty and amusement in the midst of the sorrow. For me, laughter is as necessary as breathing. The ability to laugh in the darkest moments has saved me from soul-crippling depression. (I've also offended a few folks, but that's another story.) I feel that laughter is a blessing. Now I need to check out your intriguing Rediscovery Pack! May the lightness of laughter touch your heart. <3

  4. P.S. I have a sense of the ridiculous, so here's a sampling of what makes me laugh: I Love Lucy; Monty Python; Everybody Loves Raymond; screwball comedies like "Bringing Up Baby. The early Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich are laugh-out-loud funny.

  5. Oh, Claire - how interesting when we draw a card that we really would prefer to 'give back'! Perhaps just keep it in the background until the time is right? As others have said here, laughing in dark moments can be an antidote. For me, tears of laughter and sorrow are quite closely linked. You express the feeling so beautifully: "I still need to sit with the loss... to know it, to own it... So that when I DO laugh, it will be full-hearted and not hollow." Sending love to you and your beautiful son and daughter. xx

  6. Those ARE gorgeous children. :)

    What gave me a giggle today was looking at my blog list and seeing the thumbnail photo next to your blog name. The thumbnail showed just the center of your photo...hence "UGH" :) When I clicked over to see what was up, I discovered it was the word for the week, and thought the abbreviated thumbnail kind of matched your reaction to drawing the word card. Hope you do find some things to bring you laughter this week.

  7. Hi Claire I'm smiling as I write this and I hope you'll take it in the right way, but I'll give you another word for the week "Cry." That's what it's like in Australia as the university students all choose to stay at home to save money. So that means they are living their university 'growing up life' under their parents roof... Who didn't go out and not come back till 3am in their youth, who didn't have one too many bevvies at a party from time to time, well imagine living through that at home? As a mother you can't get a good night sleep until they are in through the door, so you end up feeling like you are the one who had the big night out at the party, without any of the fun the next day!!! Have I got you laughing yet? Hopefully a little smile at least? :)
    Enjoy the distance, your gorgeous son can grow up at university and you can have a good nights sleep, proud at his achievements and blissfully ignorant of the day to day adventures.
    Here endeth the lesson from Down Under with a massive hug to you!
    Wren xx


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