15 September 2014

Word for the Week

Monday again - where DO the days go?? 

Here's the card I pulled from the Rediscovery Pack this morning...

Well, this the perfect Word as I begin this course today... I'm hoping for an adventure into the hinterland of creative journalling... I've no idea what to expect, but as the course sold out quickly back in June, I'm guessing Claire's quite a teacher :-)

The bright pink background is the same as the Fun card drawn back in March (scroll down the post to find the Word for the Week), and I hope to have fun on this course. Though, I know from experience Adventures often call upon many aspects of Life...

For example, my year in Kenya back in 1987-88 was definitely an Adventure - with a BIG capital 'A'. And while I certainly had lots of Fun and met some amazing people (including my future husband!), it also called for Daring and Courage, Learning and Acceptance, and many other Words I've explored this year.

For a girl from a quiet village in Lincolnshire, who had only been abroad for a weekend in Paris as a 21st birthday surprise, it was a dream come true. I'd loved Daktari and Born Free as a kid, and longed to see such animals in their natural habitat. And Out of Africa was a favourite films - I loved the soundtrack, especially - and I longed to see the Ngong Hills which had featured in the film, and which I could see from the college compound.

Photo from Google

Turns out, Nick (future hubby) and I had quite an Adventure on our first official date... On Valentine's Day 1988, he borrowed a friend's car and we headed out looking for Karen von Blixen's home high in the Hills... and we duly got utterly and hopelessly lost! We encountered wild baboons (nasty, terrifying creatures!), and stunning Masai women selling their intricately beaded jewellery on the side of the road, but we never did find the house... sigh... 

Thankfully we found the road back to Nairobi before we ran out of petrol (phew!), and so began a friendship that has lasted until this day, and surely a marriage is an awfully big life Adventure, right?

I'd love to know what you think/feel when you see this Word...


  1. I promised myself that I wouldn't visit people's blogs without leaving a comment - but actually I don't really know what to say here!!!
    Hmm. What is "Adventure" to me? - something that is a challenge (but I don't really "do" challenge!) - something requiring extra effort (another thing I try to avoid!) - something extraordinary. I suppose, in all its glory and pain and joy and excitement and challenge (that word again!) life - and maybe death too - is our biggest adventure: being the best that we can be. Taking God's hand and seeing where he leads us...

    1. That's a fine definition of Adventure, I reckon! I think Faith is a BIG component - trusting that you'll be kept safe, that you'll make wise choices, etc. Certainly, while I was in Kenya, I never once felt vulnerable or in danger - even when we got lost!!


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