4 September 2014

Thursday thoughts...

Thanks to Angel for putting onto these lovely folk... I now get a Daily Power question in my email box and this was yesterday's...

Immediately, I thought of Joseph Campbell's famous quote:

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you 
where there were only walls.

And I promptly wrote a list of my bliss - that which makes me happy, content, warm inside...

Time alone reading and writing
Time with family when each are safely gathered in before dark
Time with friends
Stroking Molly-cat
Lighting a candle before prayer/meditation
Watching/listening to football - especially when Liverpool win :-)
Watching high-quality drama on TV
Learning something new
Browsing the internet 'meeting' interesting people
Having time to just sit and think
Getting out on my scooter and feeling the warm breeze
Watching the seasons change
Writing a blog post and enjoying people's comments :-)

I'm sure there are many more... But I'd love to know What's Your Bliss?


  1. My bliss - walking in nature,
    making art
    seeing birds at my feeder
    seeing raptors in flight
    seeing birds anywhere else, especially ravens
    walking my dog
    reading posts of online friends and traveling back to when I met them
    reading a good book
    knitting in my living room watching the snow come down, with a warm fire in the stove
    spending time weaving, just watching the cloth being created before me
    writing my new ideas down and seeing them develop into something
    walking in the fall stepping on dead leaves and hearing that crunching sound
    Taking wool and creating yarn with it
    Conversations with friends
    Looking at the moon
    Warm sunshine coming through the window hitting my back
    spending time with pen, paper and my own thoughts

    I could go on Claire, nice exercise to be reminded of how many blissful things are in my life. Have a sweet day my friend.


    1. Love, LOVE your list, Kate - thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Sharing good food with friends
    looking at the stars on a clear night with no light pollution
    having a cat on my lap, purring
    reading a good book
    zentangling - creating

    These are a few of mine...

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful Bliss List... They're as original, and beautiful, as each one of us is, these Bliss Lists, aren't they? - just LOVE 'em!!

  3. We are in south Texas, and my son loves Liverpool football! Of course here we call it soccer or futbol (not too far from Mexico). I love to create...so many things! Snuggling up with a good book. Sharing lunch or dinner out with friends. Time with the family most of all!

  4. Loved your post! hanks for the link - have signed up. Great quote by Campbell.

  5. Such a fabulous list, Claire! So glad you dig the daily power questions!


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