26 September 2014

Focus on Life Week 39: Hands

While sorting out a cupboard the other week, I found some of my old school books...

This was in my Art sketchbook... The teacher has commented 'well drawn' and initialled it.

And to prove how long ago it was, look at this in the same sketchbook - a real blast from the past!!

And yes, I did have the movie poster on my wall and the soundtrack album (12" vinyl, of course)... Ah, Tony Manero, you stole my 15-year-old heart ;-)


  1. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful gift to capture what you see. That is an amazing likeness of John Travolta. It can be fun and humbling to look back at those old creations. Your teacher was right!

  2. What timing to find your old art work and have it fit perfectly into this week's prompt! Lovely talent you have Claire. And your drawing of the handsome John Travolta is just amazing!! Thanks for sharing your sketches.

  3. Awesome talent Claire! I have had a crush on John Travolta since he played Vinnie Barbarino in "Welcome Back Kotter".

  4. I love hand studies. Fell in love with Rodin after seeing his hand pieces. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful work.

  5. Great drawings! I too love looking at hands in art.


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