8 September 2014

September Full Moon Dreamboard

I wasn't able to see the moon last night - too many clouds... But I'm hoping they'll part enough tonight to let me see her at her fullest and ripest :-)

September's Moon is all about harvest, fullness, and the sweet ripeness of the Vine...

Starting on the right-hand page, which I made first for some reason

The background photo is of a Japanese maple from an old Country Living magazine - they have the best nature photographers...

The Empress is a card I pulled from an old tarot deck - she's all about the fullness of creation, the feminine archetype, the Big Mama of us all...

Then, there's a brilliant piece from an advert - no idea what it was for (a car, maybe?), but I just love those words:
One part imagination
One part inspiration
One part stimulation
One part intrigue
One part exhilaration

They perfectly describe 'The pleasure of creation' which is clipped from another magazine advert - at the top of the page. Underneath which is a piece called Flexibility with a quote by Caitlin Matthews

May we never be so straight that we cannot bend;
May we never be so unapproachable that children
Cannot climb up into our lower branches.

It's a piece I think a friend sent me - all about taking our inspiration from trees: 'Visualize what kind of tree you are. Check on how vital your root system is; assess the flexibility of your trunk, the reach of your branches...' Which is just perfect given the ROOT journal project in did for 30 days in August :-)

And finally there's a craft skeleton leaf I found in my stash.

On the left-hand page, which just didn't seem to go right... there's a piece from an old diary on the Harvest Moon (another name for this month's Full Moon), and another on Mabon (the Autumn Equinox which is 2 weeks today on September 22), which invites us to

Take note of the changing seasons and the leaves as they begin their colourful display. This is the season of Dionysus, lord of the vine. The grape harvest is in, and wines are being produced... 

With this idea of harvest in my mind, I attached a wee purse, which I picked up years ago in a charity shop, and in it I've put some Tim Holtz Adage Tickets - words I want more of:


The page is finished with more Country Living photos - a crate of ripe tomatoes, and an artist's sketchbook in which is painted a tree, a dove and a leaf...

As I finish writing this post, I realize there's actually a lot in this Dreamboard... It didn't seem to flow as readily as I was making it last night (maybe because I couldn't see the moon behind the thick clouds?) But this morning, I can see more clearly the themes and the desires being expressed.

I'd love to know what you think - and if you make a Dreamboard, do share :-)


  1. So many great parts of your dreamboard. love th quotes you found. May all your dreams be fulflfillled.
    I used to consistently create dreamboards but have gotten away from them. I may just have to get back to it.

  2. Wendy Hewgill9:24 pm

    Lovely dreamboard, Claire, thought provoking quotes too, I managed to take a photo of the moon tonight, in my garden, but sadly it didn't' come out too well, but it sure is a gorgeous moon tonight. You've inspired me to try an make dreamboards too, tomorrow I'm out to buy a scrapbook for the purpose. :)

  3. This is awesome. I had my children make September goal boards and I am doing my dream board tomorrow. Happy Full Harvest Moon.

  4. I should make a dreamboard, it's a wonderful thing!
    I like the harvest moon and celebrate Mabon... (I made one year a textile collage, very big, cannot photographer) and: yes, I've seen a beautiful moon yesterday night.

    Last Friday we made a walk into the forest and randomly found a swing by a little pond. I say: the branche can broke and we both think about Ophelia... Yesterday we made a "Präraffaelitic" photostory there and we had a lot of fun... - I like september, when the days once more seems like summertime -
    Have a quiet time and a moonsight in the night


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