5 September 2014

Paint Party Friday

I confess I'm cheating this week...

I want to show my new painting pinny, which arrived yesterday... It has no ties so I can put it on myself one-handed without any assistance :) But it's hard to get a good photo... It's beautifully handmade by Louisa Burman.

And on top is this really fun piece of mail art which arrived last week from the lovely Jo - here's a close-up

Again it's hard to get a good photo, but there are wonderful layers of paint and more layers of gel pen... I just love it, Jo, thank you!!

I promise next week I'll show stuff I've actually painted while wearing my super-duper new pinny ;-)

Joining in the fun here.


  1. Have fun in you new pinny! Valerie

  2. Great new pinny! Wish you a great week with painting!
    The elephat from your friend is also a fab little piece of art .
    I am looking forward to see with what you will come up !
    See you next week at PPF!
    Thank you for visiting and letting me a comment!♥
    Greetings from Austria!

  3. Oh no, you are not cheating. You are showing the art of other, that counts to me ;-) Happy PPF and have fun painting! - Irma

  4. Very nice sharing all the love with these beautiful items!! Lucky you!! Hey you brought yourself to the party doesn't matter what you share!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. nothing like a nice new painting apron to make a week a good one... it is hard to find the perfect one, but this looks fabulous...xx

  6. Ahh... a new apron just waiting to be splattered and splashed. Brilliant.
    Love the elephant.. I've painted one this week too.
    Happy PPF

  7. This is awesome!! Not cheating at all. Have a great weekend

  8. genius pinny! And lovely mail art from Jo!

  9. that sounds like a great pinny to have-looking forward to seeing it on you-I may need one of those:)

  10. Love your pinny. Very nice work. Love that door and I do love the reflections on it.:)

  11. How nice of your friend to send you the wonderful pinny, and your elephant is totally fab too!

  12. Cute mail art! Happy PPF!

  13. How wonderful! lol My Grandma Gladys asked me to make her a couple of those. She gave me her old one so I could use it as a pattern. (grin)


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