7 September 2014

Sunday thoughts...

Another Daily Power Question from The Humanity Collective

Here's my list written in my journal yesterday...

Seeing our kids happy and healthy.
Listening to neighbours' kids playing in the street.
Watching the sun rise... and set...
Watching the moon each night - if the clouds permit.
Visiting museums and art galleries.
Reading inspiring biographies.
Writing in my journal each day...
Listening the birds singing in the garden, and owls screeching in the night.
Listening to Gregorian Chants.
Chatting with friends - preferably over freshly brewed coffee...
Connecting with friends around the globe...
Lighting a candle before prayer...
Handling the treasures on my altar...
Making my Full Moon Dreamboards.
Attending Evensong - especially in the winter.
Smelling homemade cakes and bread baking in the oven.
Smelling the white roses outside the front door.
Watching Molly-cat watching the world outside from the window sill.
Browsing in bookshops - it's been so long since I've done this as there are NO bookshops around here...sigh...
Reading poetry - Keats, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Mary Oliver, Billy Collins - and watching it being read on Youtube :)

So... What stirs YOUR soul?
Do share :-)


  1. Claire,

    Nice list. It could also be a bliss list. I have been looking at the moon every night this week. I am going to go look in the same spot when she is not visible all month and see what that experience is like. I find it incredibly sad that there are no bookstores for you to go to. I think I will go and browse through one this week, just for you.


  2. Wendy Hewgill4:43 pm

    I love your list, Claire, could be written for me, I have the same sentiments. I love my family, grandchildren, seeing them all happy and healthy, I love listening to the birds, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, the blackbird is usually first up and last to go to bed, I love to smell the lavender and jasmine in my garden, and yes bookshops, I used to go to a little old fashioned book shop in a village a few miles away, it was wonderful, little chairs dotted around to sit and read, a little courtyard garden, to take a book out and read, bliss, but sadly it has closed down now, there are a couple of bookshops in the town where I live, but it's not the same atmosphere. I'd love to open one up, wouldn't make any money though, cos I'd be reading all day and letting the customers do so too, hee. Ah well, thanks for sharing your lovely list. Enjoy your Sunday. :)

    1. We should set one up together, Wendy :) And we'd have authors' evenings, and poetry readings, and live music evenings, and kids' story-times, and...
      Wouldn't it be SO MUCH fun??

    2. Wendy Hewgill9:17 pm

      Oh, yes, such lovely ideas, Claire, this does sound like such fun, I love poetry readings too. We could have writers workshops, short story readings, washed down with lashings of tea and cake, maybe the odd glass of vino, ;) ....


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