16 April 2014


Back on the dining table this week to make this month's Full Moon Dreamboard. I missed last month with being ill, so I was doubly keen to make this month's!

This is midway through - I have a tentative lay-out, but I keep referring back to Amy Palko's e-book Bloom by Moon (which I bought and printed out at Christmas and keep in a binder - top right). It's a Willow Moon at the moment, which is also my Celtic birth sign (less than 2 weeks to the big 5-0 *gulp*)

You can see, and read about, the finished dreamboard here.

And can I point you to this week's Giveaway....

You can see more photos and info and leave a comment to enter into Sunday's draw on this post :)

Now, off to desk-hop over at Julia's Stamping Ground...


  1. Hi Claire, sorry to hear that you have been ill. I hope that you are well and truly on the mend now :-). Your journal pages look very interesting so much so that I think I will check out Amy Palko's e-book. Oh and the big 5-0 ehh it is nothing...I am coming up for 54 in June and feel 35 and can't believe I have a nearly 37yr old son! Wishing you a great week and happy WOYWW.
    Janene #5 x

  2. Hello Claire. I trust you are now feeling much better - the fact of so much going on with your desk suggests that, indeed, you are.
    take care, and have a special Easter.
    Margaret #18

  3. Hi Claire - I hope all that productivity means you're recovered now. Have a great birthday when it arrives. Easter blessings, Chris # 31

  4. Hi Claire, Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. Hope that you are feeling much better and ready to tackle the big birthday. I turned 40 last year, funny how we make it all seem so daunting when actually nothing really changes! Cx #25

  5. 5-0! Your still just a babe, chin up GF there are a lot more to come....LOL

    Thanks for stopping by this week and leaving such a wonderful comment.
    Krisha #3

  6. Glad you're feeling better and getting back into things. Love the stamp on that journal page.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #17

  7. I hope you are now on the mend and feeling well...thank you for visiting me earlier. Your journal page is quite something the girls face is simply stunning .I'm sure other than a number the big 50 will be a wonderful birthday I was dreading the big 40 when it came around ( I have still a couple of years to get to the next big one)) and it wasn't that bad ( only joking it was fine no different than when I was 39 really...as they say you are only as old as you feel..I keep telling myself im 29...it must have been a good year( I cant remember! ) ......have a lovely Easter weekend crafty hugs Andrea X

  8. Hope you are feeling better. Have a big bash for your Birthday and celebrate in style. Nothing will change except the junk mail will be for over 50 plans and when you go to the doc he will look at your age and say mmmm 50, well at your age....
    Karen #36

  9. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Cool - that is one of my all-time fave images. I made a stamp from it with that home stamp making kit - it actually turned out pretty good and I've used it a lot. Now I see there is a commercial version . I used it for my WOYWW ATCs last year. I love it as the focal point on your project! Fab.
    Better late than never :)
    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (23)

  10. hi there
    some very interesting elements on the page love the images on the book cover giveaway... if that is what it is I will try and check it out later.
    to answer your question the Elephant fabric wont be used on the pink box.... it is just going to be painted leopard print... the box will be used to put cards in that our guests bring.... fun huh!
    janet #22

  11. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments about my leek! Great images on your desk and all the best with the great 50.... it just keeps getting better with an occasional ache or pain!!

  12. Just when you think you've seen everything there is to see in crafts you see something new, and for me it's a Dreamboard and it's great. Thanks for visiting yesterday and for your kind comment s. I'm late getting round the desks as I lost my internet connection for all of yesterday afternoon and evening, boo hoo.
    Ann B

  13. What a delight your blog is! As for your dream board it really is beautiful! Signed up a follower and on bloglovin so I don't miss your posts, although must apologise in advance - I'm rubbish at commenting regularly! Thanks for visiting and sorry for not getting back yesterday - a few family problems - sorted now though! Chris 69

  14. Hi Claire,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and able to play. Believe me, I know what it's like to not feel well or just not have the energy to do anything - even something creative, which is good therapy!
    I wore my necklace the other day and received many comments on it. Thank you so much. I can see you are still having giveaways but since I've already won something I have declined in putting my name in again. Spread the love, that sort of thing.
    Congratulations on your upcoming birthday. Fifty isn't so bad - I'll be 55 in June! I'm planning to retire right after my 56th birthday and can't wait! I've worked at the same company for 33 years. You'd think I'd have a good retirement after all these years but ours is based more on age. So, I better stockpile now!! tee hee.

    Thank you for visiting me earlier.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (13)

  15. Well, it is going to be a big celebratory time shortly for you isn't it - birthday and anniversary together. Congratulations and Happy Birthday when it comes.
    Your project is coming along nicely - hope we get to see it when it is finished - please.
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit - Neet 28 xx

  16. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Wow! Beautiful work! I am totally inspired!! Erica #15

  17. Hi Claire, the big 50 isn't that bad, just remember 40 is the old age of youth BUT 50 is the youth of old age. Adore the journal so popped over for a comment there too, and the dreamboard is super aswell. The moon has been gorgeous the past few weeks and to get to see Mars just above it too is extra special. Thanks for visiting me and Happy Easter BJ#44


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