21 April 2014

Word for the Week (150th post - oh my!!!)

Here we are, another Monday...

In the UK, it's a Bank Holiday - an extension of Easter weekend - and for most schools, the last day of their Easter break :(

And before I draw this week's Word, I must say a huge THANK YOU for all of you who stuck with me through my Lenten journey, and left so many lovely, lovely comments over the past 6 weeks! Lent is definitely a deeply personal journey, but it is SO good to know you're not walking it alone - so thank you again x


Once again, I simply cannot believe the synchronicity of the card as I draw it from the pack of Mary Lunnen's Rediscovery Cards...

Is this not the whole message of Easter? Of Spring?  Of why we get up in a morning?? 
It is 'the thing with feathers with feathers' according to Emily Dickinson. It is 'an anchor for the soul, firm and secure' according to Hebrews 6.19.

I am immediately struck by the colour - it's the same as Support which I drew a couple of weeks ago... I understand from Mary that the colours weren't chosen consciously but certainly, for me, Hope and Support definitely go together!! 

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
Martin Luther King, Jr

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.
Dalai Lama

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; 
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

What do you think when you see this small, yet powerful, word? I'd love the know :-)


  1. Dear Claire - a thought-provoking post as always (and congratulations on your 150th!). As you rightly say, I didn't choose the cards consciously - and - (not but) they do have strong significance combined with the words in my experience of using them. I love the Emily Dickinson quote, and all the others you have included - thank you. x

  2. its that word that keeps me going one step at a time on the journey of life! I loved your lenten observations and they gave me a sense of lenten quiet introspective thought, so thank you for providing us with that inspiration.

  3. As I was reading your post ~ this old hymn popped into my mind.

    My hope is built on nothing less
    than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
    but wholly lean on Jesus' name.

    On Christ the solid rock I stand,
    all other ground is sinking sand;
    all other ground is sinking sand.

    A couple of years ago a friend made needlework stars and sent them to people. She asked what personal word we would like on our stars and I chose the word 'hope'. Little did I know that my hope was going to be blasted and strengthened shortly, with the loss of my dear husband. Jesus is my hope and my strength and has promised to never leave me.

    Thank you for your Lenten series as it really boosted my faith and encouraged me in my journey.


  4. To be absolutely honest (I hope you don't mind), you lost me a bit in Lent cause I have no connection to it, but I'm very happy to hear you got a lot out of what you were doing, all the posts and reflections.

    I felt a bit strange not commenting and hope you didn't think I was disengaging from this lovely site permanently, but as your recent Lent posts have been on a topic I have no connection with, I couldnt really say anything. That's absolutely NOT a criticism, by the way, just an explanation as to why I've not engaged much recently with one of my favourite blogs ☺ Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you!

  5. Here in Canada is day off for some services as well, Easter Monday! HOPE has four letters, but I think it's a big word, it's the anchor for so many people, we have hope for a better day, better future, better health, better job ....


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