15 April 2014

April Full Moon Dreamboard

I missed March's Dreamboard with a stinking cold, so I was most keen to make this month's! 

Also, it's the Willow Full Moon - under which I was born almost 50 years ago (in 1964, the Full Moon was towards the end of the month - I was born on Tuesday 28 April), so it feels extra significant!

Add to that, Pesach (Passover) starts today and it's Easter on Sunday!!

Following Amy Palko's Bloom by Moon e-book prompts, a Willow Moon invites safety and shelter and space... space to be... to be vulnerable... And I think the Dreamboard shows that with less colour, less busyness than other boards I've made.

On the left-hand page are several pages from old We'Moon diaries (my go-to resource in making these dreamboards!)

Top left is an untitled image by Deborah Koff-Chapin (1995) - I'm sure I subconsciously chose it for the large egg that's being held...
To the right is Creatrix by Rowan Wildash (2008) with the words Artistry/Alchemy, and below there is a wee print by Cathy Cullis, whose work I adore - I own several pieces!
Then there's a written piece 'How Art Can Heal Broken Places' by Lily Yeh from Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, Park Street Press, 2010.

This right-hand page is my favourite. A dreamy postcard by Micki Wilde - another fav. artist of whose work I own several pieces, a photo from Country Living magazine of a potter sketching out designs, with the words 'feels like nothing else' clipped from some advert! The main piece for me is a card I bought for just this dreamboard(!) from Holistic Creations (though her stock is very different at the moment). Inside the card was written:

You have huge common sense and are very bright,
Very intuitive, into other realms you have good insight.
You may keep your beliefs to yourself, being a spiritual seeker,
Which gives you an air of mystery, an imaginative dreamer.
You are articulate, artistic and very creative,
You're family orientated, of partners and children you are very protective.

This feels a very special, and important, dreamboard to me, and I sense I need to sit with it for a while and ponder its significance...

I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments/insights - I learn so much from your wise words :-) xx


  1. Wonderful pages, such a treat to see an old painting of mine again :)

    1. I've been saving her for a special 'something', and I think this dreamboard is it :)

  2. Claire, I'm still reading here even though I'm not blogging( maybe just for now, or ever...not sure yet) but I am really enjoying and getting a lot out of your lenten observations and off course I was delighted to see your moon board. I have just finished working on mine and have just now finished glueing it into my special moon book.Do you ever look back on your other past moon boards and find that what you wanted or dreamed of have actually come true or into reality for you?

    1. Oooh, I'd love to see it :)
      I've only been doing the boards since October last year, so I've not really looked back on them yet... But I think I will do when I've been doing them for a year - maybe post a 'retrospective' asking exactly that question!
      And thank you for visiting even when you're not blogging - it's good to keep connected even on a break, I think...
      Hope you're having a moon-magical day :) xx

  3. Hello Claire thank you for the mention and nice to glimpse a figure from the past. Lovely to visit your blog today. All best wishes Cathy

  4. Hi Claire, my birthday is April 28 as well! Last week I was away and did not check on the blogs, yours is the first one I am checking today, and it's like a gift, get all this information. I want to know more about the Willow full moon, later I'll check Amy's site. Thanks!

  5. What beautiful illustrations you have here ... So much to look at. And thank you particularly for the Celtic Tree birth sign ... I've never heard of these before (which is quite ridiculous as I'm a Celt myself!), and it was very interesting to read about my own sign, the Oak, as I think it's quite accurate. What an interesting post!

    1. Oh you lucky girl - solid, dependable Oak - that's what I'd love to be! But I know I'm really a soppy, weepy, romantic willow... *sigh* Hopefully romantic, though, and willows are strongly linked to the Moon and Spirit, which is totally me :)

  6. Thought-provoking post Claire.Have a lovely Easter.
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog.
    Judy xx


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