13 April 2014

Giveaway 10 (winner drawn 20 April at 11 am GMT) and Giveaway 9 winner

This week's Giveaway is a book with a difference - it's a handmade mini album/art journal from Petra at Journal Passions.

It's dimensions are roughly 7 x 5 inches with chipboard covers and 6 inner pages/pockets with tags and flaps and other steampunk goodies.
The inner flap holds a beautiful card (4x3in)

These pages are pockets which hold big tags, decorated on both sides.

This page folds out to hold 4 beautifully decorated mini tags.

It's another treasure from my art cupboard that needs to be used - for photos, or drawings, or recipes, or quotes, or... 
You decide :)

Leave a comment below and I'll enter your name into the random drawing on Easter Sunday(!) (20 April) at 11 am.
Giveaway 9 winner

This week there were 12 entries, and using the random number generator the winner is comment number 10
Congratulations, Karen Ives!!!

If you can email me your address using the Contact Form, I'll get the pearl necklace in the post this week :)


  1. Fabulous journal Claire!
    Congratulations to Karen.

  2. Congratulations Karen. I hope you enjoy wearing the beautiful necklace.
    The book is beautiful, I would love a chance to win it.

  3. What an awesome notebook!! It is so unusual and unique. :)

  4. Happy 50th! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  5. OMGoodness, this journal is fabulous! I love that you are celebrating the fabulous 50!!! YOU GO GIRL! Aloha

  6. That's a very cool journal! -Roxi

  7. Your journal is just amazing...and such a generous giveaway.

  8. Anonymous8:24 am

    That is such a cool book! Congrats to Karen and all previous winners!

  9. Simply adore the journal, so JUST HAD to comment to be in for a chance of winning. BJ

  10. WOW this is awesome! What a cool idea to celebrate by giving gifts!


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