20 October 2014

Word for the Week

Wow, that week went quickly... I swear the days go by quicker as we wind down the year...
Today I pulled this Word from my Rediscovery Pack

Such a good Word! It's what we humans seek to do - and arguably, it's what has driven most of our evolution and invention!

This beautiful sky-blue colour sits perfectly with the throat chakra, and yes, we communicate a lot with our voices - grunting, speaking, singing...

But also, we communicate with our hands - signing, writing, making art...

And not forgetting all the body language communication that goes on - whether we're aware of it or not!

The long months after the stroke when I couldn't talk were dark days... and even now I often struggle to form the words I want, especially when I'm tired...

We communicate to connect, and when we can't for whatever reason, we become lonely and isolated. Hence the internet can be life-saver for some (it was for me!), and why I think wi-fi access and basic computer know-how are vital in today's world.

Forms of communication are changing and developing all the time, but the essentials stay the same - to meet and greet a fellow human being...


  1. Communication, its a little trigger word for me.
    As an autistic woman I cannot understand many forms of communication. Not mimic, not body language, and not all that nonverbal stuff - it's so many, sigh! Only words or colors/pictures or music... (and in words is so many misunderstanding!).
    I have days too, where I cannot speek, I haven't energy for words....
    Yeah, internet can help against the isolation. But it takes many time from the real life... I more like feel the sunshine on my skin, than sitting by the computer. It's a difficult thing (any time I will title my blog "Letters from isolation", but I don't, it chose a neutral title, it must not everybody know - )
    Have a quiet and blessed new week

  2. Thank you for sharing. Communication is the key. Have a great week.


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